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The new Indian

Life is full of chance events...and many times chance experiences are pretty rewarding and thought provoking. As I boarded the bus today at Churchgate and sat by the window, ready to doze off for the next 2 hours, I was startled by a thick voice over my (partially deaf) right ear - "Whats happenning to Google?". I turned only to face a fat dark person who repeated his question on noticing a confused look on my face. It took me a second to realise that his question was directed to me owing to the magazine-article on my lap. The man sounded knowledgable, and so I became interested. We started talking about Google, its business model, its technology, its servers.. and then from there we went on to a host of topics related to technology. Soon we were introducing each other. This was a software engineer from Hyderabad around 33 years old who was in Bombay for some personal work. He was quite an entreprenurial person. Had his own recording studio where his team of (what he called

Finally somewhere .........

Today office time was rewarding, had a meeting with a 3 member team from Wipro the gr8 news is that unlike most projects my summer project is going to be implemented !!! And the implmentation was kicked off today with this meeting... apart from business, the meeting saw a lot of philosophical stuff form my boss.... "Nature has not given us the ability to express joy, happiness and sense of achievement in words....this is because u must urself experience joy and never should be able to surrogately 'feel' it from others. Indian religion has realised the need for expression long ago and hence we have so many gods and goddesses signifying feeling of achieving 'wealth', 'knowledge', 'power' etc... " The essence of all this talk was that even in software and business application design all companies must have to undergo a pilot phase, a chaos type growth and then a structurisation; no shortcuts are possible. This however went against th

A Techy Entrepreneur

Didn't go to office today.... and am now in a techy-entreprenuer mood... Ever since I have read "from Pepsi to Apple" I have my own analysis of it, quite contrary to what the author said in the book... Let me start by describing the book... It is about this guy (the author) called John Sculley who left an illustrious career in Pepsi to become the CEO of a then small firm Apple Computer Corp. Apple was found by Steev Jobbs a 19yr old youngster along with Mark Marculla and Steve Wozniak. After 2 yrs of its inception, both partners except Jobbs wanted to exit executive responsibility of the co. and the board was of the view that Steeve was too young to become the CEO... so they decided to hire an external CEO... mr. Scully was a potential candidate but none of the headhunters could convince him to join the co. Here Steeve came in and himself sold the idea to John Scully, who then was fascinated with Jobbs... then in course of time views of Mr. Scully and Jobbs rifted and so

Day 2.....

Its about 10:45 AM and today is Sunday...probably i may not get a lot of time from tommorow when the week starts....right now am playing the song 'Dil Chahta Hai..." and somehow I am thinking of my most trusted freinds..both present and past... There are few of my friends whom I can rely upon without thinking twice...they are those whom I never need to think before reacting..and I know I will find them always beside me when I need them.....I can be assured that happen what may...even if i dont talk to them for years, still they will never be angry of me...Aurko from school days, Nimish in college days and I believe now my relationship with Shubham (in 'MBA' days) is also transforming into such a friendship.....Adhish though a bit far away in the US now, is also a dear friend.. Aurko is the oldest of such freinds and I am fortunate to have him around even today....we complement each other too well and hence probably we will be together in future...lets see.. I have

A place for me............

Nikhil is a sanskrit term meaning 'complete' and hence the name of this has nothing to do with my self-perception...nobody can be complete..and definitely not me... The idea of creating a blog had been in mind for quite sometime but somehow it never clicked .... But recently i learnt about blogs by students like me getting very popular and the final straw was my freind Shubham creating his blog ... in fact i would have delayed the creation of this blog for another day had he not coaxed me into creating it now... I am fond of writing ... I have a load of my texts packed in a file in my drawer...and I have been writing since quite long.. if I remember correctly ..from around class 8th...I write poems, articles and short stories too...I feel that lest for my fascination for technology and my upbringing that has propelled me into engineering (and now MBA), I probably would have carved a future for myself in journalism... And even now I aspire to become an amateur