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Random thoughts on rainy day

Image Credit phishpot from FlickR It's a beautiful sight - a lit up marketplace, cars driving through the lane in the middle with their own lights on, the slow speed making drivers push their breaks and hence a lot of red lights as well and rain falling from the above. I like night time - ever since my school days when we used to practice for our annual function at night in school. I used to love seeing the school building lit up. At night all the imperfections in buildings are hidden, the lights then highlight the best parts and shapes accentuating the looks. I loved roaming around my school campus at night, and the habit continued in college. Life at NITIE took my liking for night times to a completely new level - night time was for committee meetings, parties and chatting with friends - it was THE time. Night life is one of the hallmarks of the modern era; in the ancient times night was associated with darkness and hence fear of the wild, in the medieval it was the time of cri

Golf and Entrepreneurship

The difference between Golf and Entrepreneurship is that as an entrepreneur, you are the golfer who must also run as his own caddie! *Original Quote - Copyrighted. Please acknowledge my moral right of being identified and recognized as its 'creator' when using it :-)