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Mumbai attacked ...

I have been restraining myself from making any blog post on the Mumbai Terror drama since the past 24 hours - but its gone on for too long now for me to keep it low ... First things first - I think its essential that our ministers take moral responsibility of what has happened. The two Home Ministers in specific - Shivraj Patil (India) and RR Patil (Maharashtra) should show some sense of morality by resigning. Why - you would ask .. well the lesser said about their performance and attitudes in such situations - the better. Next - all our intelligence and security agencies (including Defense forces, Coast Guard, and IB/RAW) must take it up on them to identify where their systems failed when these kids with guns were running their mock-sessions to take Mumbai under siege. Then - we must take some stern action against the organizations who have been involved. Laskhar, we know now operates out of Muzaffarabad in PoK - what is stopping us from taking a US-like approach and bombing their hid

Mumbai-Delhi-Rae Bareli-Delhi-Mumbai

Yeah! That’s what I have been doing in the past 3 days – having spent all nights on Train berths rather than any beds.  I left Mumbai on Aug-Kranti Rajdhani on Friday evening for Delhi, reached Delhi at 11 AM on Saturday. Milind had come up to pick me up from Nizamuddin railway station. On our way, I marveled at the well developed road infrastructure in New Delhi – the underpasses, overpasses, the big 8’s and big O’s creating a seamless flow of traffic at the junctions and crossovers. I stayed at to AshiMil’s place in Gurgaon for the day. This was my first visit to Gurgaon and I should say I was impressed - wide roads, huge open spaces, humongous buildings and malls and good road connectivity to New Delhi. If the development here is managed well, it may as well end up becoming the Shanghai of India (blowing Mumbai’s dreams!). Some essentials which they need to do: Expedite the metro connectivity to Delhi Decongest the internal road traffic (create multilevel flyovers, underpasses and o

Roller Coaster or Rolling Stone?

Here’s what I have been doing since August this year (and expected to do till Dec): 8-Aug Received Car delivery 9-Aug Went to Pune on first drive itself 15-Aug Getting used to driving to office everyday 22-Aug Work on new version of 29-Aug Went to Lonavala with friends; came back and worked on remaining pieces of ArbitMBA new version 3-Sep 5-Sep Ganesh Chaturthi - went to Madh Island; after the gruelling weekend in Lonavla Release of 12-Sep Went home for Ganesh Visarjan 19-Sep 26-Sep 3-Oct 10-Oct 17-Oct Mad race at work - with multiple assignment's on head, working Saturday's and Sunday's But also stole visits to - (Not Just) Jazz By the Bay, Bandra Reclamation, St. Mary's Church on weekends 24-Oct Went home for Diwali 31-Oct @ home post Diwali 7-Nov 14-Nov Rush to complete current project@work - working Saturday's, Visits to Inorbit over weekend 21-Nov Tentative plan to visit Khetan's marriage 28-Nov Might go to Pune if Mom'

My Cellphones

I would not be too far from reality if I said that internet is my food and cellphones are my drinks. Yeah .. I am constantly using one of these two things - whether I am at work, at home, or on a vacation. So its particularly painful when my cellphone breaks down   And so it was even more troublesome when this time my phone's keypad went bad and after 15-20 days of enduring it, and trying to get it repaired/replaced, I was told that it was beyond repair. So finally, I decided to spend some more moolah on another phone ....  I bought a fully loaded HTC Touch ( P3000 ) - Windows Mobile, 64MB memory, 2.8" touch-screen, 2 Megapixel Camera. What I am going to use most if the internet and To Do list features. The battery seems ok - runs 2 days flat without any problems. Tried the Google Maps app for starters - and 'twas awwsome. So that takes my cellphone tally to 3 .. my previous 2 phones being Nokia 2865 LG RD2130  Post inspiration : Shubham