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The dusk at Birla ...... and beyond

Its evening about 7:00pm...Was just walking back from the main gate into the Aditya Birla Centre when i realised that I wouldn't be seeing an evening at this place any more....reflecting on my life at Aditya Birla - its been enjoyable....have got a feeler of corporate life especially because was positioned right in the middle of the corporate office of the Group. Got to see a lot of ups and downs ... power struggles .. ego clashes and happy times too... In fact the Aditya Birla Management Corp was in the stage of moving into its new office - Aditya Birla Centre when I joined. And my department was the only one in this building for my 1st month of training. So 'we', Corporate IT were the hosts and I was very much into welcoming the rest of the Corp into this building. Helped set up a lot of things - the access control system, the cafeteria management system etc ... also got to revise the roll list of the Corporate office atleast 4-5 times during the is an advant

Some-errs : The error that turned into blessing

I have been on my 1st 'job' i.e. Summer Internship since the past 2 months... and by god !! its been taxing...and yet enjoyable... to be frank I was a bit frustated in the beginning since I had to stay for long hours and seemingly there was no work...the fun started when we were involved in a website review project, and had to stay till 3:15 am in the morning...working when u cud see the results was fun.. however long it might be. The project went fine..i again was a bit disheartened in the beginning as the amount of work seemed little....but now that the project is getting implemented I m enjoying it ... firstly because I am seeing the results.. and secondly because I have realised that what I did was not as trivial as it seemed. I have realised that if used properly summer trainees are a source of many revolutionary inputs and fresh ideas to the corporate. I realised this when we were in a meeting with Wipro professinals. They on the basis were arguing that it was not