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The safari called NITIE

After finishing my last exam, as I was walking down from my classroom to the hostel, I had a realisation of the green cover that I have been living under for the past 1 year. (btw should elaborate for benefit non-NITIE junta that 'down' is not figurative but literal – NITIE is situated on a hill and we literally walk down from our classrooms to the hostel) NITIE is a totally different world as compared to the surrounding Mumbai. When at times I get to the terrace of the academic building or the MDP hostel the scene is nothing less than heaven!! Green lush environs and surrounded by 2 lakes on two sides. The calm and serene Vihar Lake and the spawning vegetation all around! Among the hills we know lies the film city, but forest cover hides it. Far away you see some buildings. But this is just one side; move to the other side of the terrace and you see hills covered by thick vegetation, and the Vihar Lake beyond the hills. And a third side has the Pow

It must be a tough job to be a CEO !!

I had always thought that CEOs don’t have much to do except a few vision-mission meetings. But my opinion has radically changed during my stint as the Event Coordinator of MastishK. Its 7.10 AM, probably 24 hours since I last closed my eyes and have slept hardly 8 hours in the past 48. I have been working all the while? No, not exactly. I am not working per se, but if I sleep and stop taking account from my teams, they will tend to sleep at the wrong times and fail to deliver. Is it that all teams are working 24 hours? No again. They all sleep, but there is someone or the other working all the time. So I have to stay awake to be available for him/her. Every part of my body is feeling detached from the other, I can feel every bit of my backbone, and yet I can’t take a break. Dunno, if this is anything like the life of a CEO – but its tough man!!! MastishK is almost an organisation now with 30+ members, and so many other characteristics. Working for MastishK, I have realised a lot a

Exams . . .a refreshing experience ?

Exams are usually tough and taxing times, but this time around I found exams a lot more refreshing. I had been very irked about a week before exams .. loss of emotional energy and all that ..the reason was that I was bored, bored of the routine that I had been following for the past 3 months. We had been working on MastishK since the past 3 months and my routine was fixed… start the day planning for the next phase of the project or the days schedule… go to class.. come back sleep .. wake up and then start meetings which last till 3 AM and then sleep again …. We were living MastishK for the past 3 months, thinking about it day and night … it was taxing ..the mind needed change .. it took me some time to realise this … then one day someone said that he/she was getting bored of seeing the same faces everyday .. I wondered …I said – “this couldn’t be a problem. It never happened to me in my family. Then why here?” and I soon answered my own query … change … we are humans not machines .. w

Gaining Emotional Energy!! :)

After I made my last post. . I went back to the page where I had found the definition of emotional energy . . . trying to hunt around for solutions I found a very good list . . it enlists 8 knds of emotional crises that you may have and their solutions . . .I am gonna work to solve this crisis by tommorow . . .in case any of the readers ever feel the way I am .. come back to this page for answers . . I am listing the whole thing here for my own future reference Source : 1 Energy drain: Other People's Expectations Are you living someone else's dream for you? You're putting out energy but starving emotionally. The other person gets all the satisfaction. Energy move: Declare IndependenceYou bought in; you can set yourself free. No confrontation needed, just "I don't have to expect that of myself." Worst-case scenario: Someone who's not you will be disappointed. You will feel wonderful.

Emotional Energy crisis !!

I had never known what is called emotional energy? Until I myself faced the lack of it. Since the past few days I have been feeling drained – I guessed that I was low on what is called emotional energy; tried looking up the net for it . . . . . and found that it was exactly what I had been facing “Call it a personal energy crisis. On the surface, your life seems full enough—maybe even too full—yet you're running on empty. You feel stretched thin, stressed-out, drained” I don’t know what has triggered this. I have always been a pretty responsible person, rather I pull responsibilities to myself (am a fool in that sense if you may say so). Discussing issues (or arguing if you want to call it that) is a sport to me – It doesn’t drain me but energizes me further. I hardly give up before the person in front of me either walks away or is convinced of my side. That might not be good as such .. but the point is, I have a large storehouse of energy latent. There have been days when I do

The Poem of the lost . . . .

I wrote this poem a few minutes ago in a bad state of mind . . . didn't want to post it .. but nevertheless found a theme that would suit it .... so am posting . . . here is the theme Imagine a scene of a Roman Amphitheatre where a duel is on, between two warriors .. All are enjoying the duel . . everyone is watching the warriors but none can feel that turmoil inside each warrior . . none understand that each warrior is as afriad inside as much as he dares his opponent. Life is sometimes similar. . we watch the characters play the duel of life but never understand that the warriors, the very people who are our freinds, brothers, sisters ... they need us to understand their within .. they need support .. and as much as their warrior self refuses support... they need it as badly Here is the poem. . . if it smells of me ... ignore the smell ... its me and yet its not me .. Sometimes when I am alone . . talking to people yet alone on the inner side . . I get this tought - t

Electronics vs.Electrical !!

Well .. this topic might seem dated, it would have been fit for my engineering days, nevertheless the myth that I intend to clear is important for everyone in general . . . . Moreover I, being as passionate about electronics engineering as about management, couldn’t avoid writing about it after being instigated. I was instigated when an electronics engineer herself said that electronics engineering has evolved from electrical engineering and the only basic branches of engineering are Mechanical, Civil and Electrical. To demystify this let me recount the history of engineering . .am sure hardly anybody has bothered to do that, but nevertheless its an interesting one to go through. . . As most engineers are aware of, engineering is the successor of classical physics. It emerged from the field of Applied Physics, and even today both these fields run parallel; applied physicists discover principles and engineer apply them. Engineering initially started with civil engineering, then with t

The Archives of my life

Folks! was facing some problem with posting since the last 2 days the delay ... This came on IP day-before-yesterday ===================================== From: ashii: Thapar di yaad aa gayee[Ashii] (IM10/ASHITA) at Sun Sep 05 15:00:32 2004 (multi)(sealed) ------------------------------------- Transcript of Nikhil’s Interview at NITIE So I thought y not find more on the net about me ... and so i got this ..... the above url itself is a good reading ... so i needn't post more ;))

Couer Palpitez - literaly !!

Last post I wrote on passion of life, I wrote that we work mostly because we enjoy our work rather than because the work is important. Since then everyday I have been visiting the NITIE Pond in the evening and have witnessed and appreciated a special passion – the passion for an evening jog! Even I was once a regular jogger round the pond – but that was before Mastishk. Ever since I came back from my summer break, no runs no play - just working for Mastishk . . . . but that’s another story. I was writing about the passion for a jog. Everyday, since probably the past 6-8 months Amit Atri comes to the pond around 6.00PM and starts his jog. If he doesn’t get time at 6.00, you’ll find him at 7.00 or probably the next morning. But there are few days when Amit would miss his routine. Over the months I have seen him increase the number of continuous rounds from 1 to 4. Notably I haven’t seen Amit growing any thinner due to his regular workout. Even if he has grown thinner, nothing is visib