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Gaining Emotional Energy!! :)

After I made my last post. . I went back to the page where I had found the definition of emotional energy . . . trying to hunt around for solutions I found a very good list . . it enlists 8 knds of emotional crises that you may have and their solutions . . .I am gonna work to solve this crisis by tommorow . . .in case any of the readers ever feel the way I am .. come back to this page for answers . . I am listing the whole thing here for my own future reference
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1 Energy drain: Other People's Expectations
Are you living someone else's dream for you? You're putting out energy but starving emotionally. The other person gets all the satisfaction.
Energy move: Declare IndependenceYou bought in; you can set yourself free. No confrontation needed, just "I don't have to expect that of myself." Worst-case scenario: Someone who's not you will be disappointed. You will feel wonderful.

2 Energy drain: Loss of Self
As kids, we had to play by the rules; our unique energy got caged.
Energy move: Personalize Your LifeAsk yourself, If it were up to me, what would I…hang on my wall? Wear to work? Do for fun? Find the pockets of freedom where you can be more yourself.

3 Energy drain: Deprivation
Duties and responsibilities fill your days. You gain weight trying to get emotional energy from food.
Energy move: Add Pleasure, Beauty, FunSatisfying experiences, large and small, are the real nourishment you crave. Plan a big treat to look forward to—and a little one every day.

4 Energy drain: Envy
We often don't feel envy directly—but we might find someone else's good fortune depressing.
Energy move: Count Your BlessingsComparison is a loser's game. Look at what you have, and actively feel grateful. (P.S. That person you envy—you don't know how messy her life really is. Chances are you wouldn't want it if you had it.)

5 Energy drain: Worry
When you worry, you think you're dealing with things, but you're just suffering. Worry never comes up with good ideas. It torments and exhausts us.
Energy move: Get GoingAction is the cure for worry. Do one thing that brings you a step closer to coping. If it's the middle of the night, get up and write a to-do list.

6 Energy drain: Unfinished Business
Unmade decisions and postponed projects drain you.
Energy move: Do It or Dump ItForget the perfect decision—just trust yourself and make a choice. Put projects in an appointment book. If you can't find any good time, that's a signal you don't want to do it. So don't.

7 Energy drain: Overcommitment
You're always saying "Yes"—to your boss, mother, kids, friends; to requests, favors, meetings.
Energy move: Say "Yes" to YourselfTell someone else "No" every once in a while, just to feel your own power. You'll gain a whole new sense of your abilityto take care of yourself.

8 Energy drain: Holding On to Loss
Fresh loss is an emergency. But old losses you can't let go of are dead weight.
Energy move: Cry All Your TearsIndulge in big-time mourning. Take off from work, stay in bed, and do nothing but cry till you're dry…and bored. Then go out and embrace life.


  1. Hi Nikhil

    real interesting read !!

    Keep blogging and all the best for Masthisk & Prerana...the site has been a real treat !



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