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Rajni does it on blogosphere too!!

The tales of Rajnikant's popularity among public are all across newspapers, and TV channels (especially so after his latest flick - Shivaji - demonstrated 'rioting capabilities'). But now Rajni has touched down on blogosphere as well and this blog post bears testimony to the kind of storm Rajni can incite even among the net savvy generation. Probably the longest post on blogosphere - this post has 1134 comments !! I wonder if 'Big B' or even Google could match this. Representing, Maratha pride coupled with Kannad and Tamilian lineage [Ref: 1 , 2 ] - could he make a good president as well? GreatBong wonders ...

Caste'ing Couch

Update Here is a good article demystifying the Indian Presidential Election process and its significance with respect to the current election. Indian politics has been witnessing reversal of two opposite kinds. On one hand is Mayawati, coming from a caste-based politics background, who broke the divide between Dalits and Brahmins and thus grabbed the CM's seat in Uttar Pradesh (a state known for caste based politics) through a pan-caste vote. On the other hand is the Congress party, maligning the election for the most revered post in Indian Democracy by playing the caste card. Clearly, selecting an unknown candidate like Pratibha Patil was not for merit but to: cleave the NDA's fold by fielding a 'Marathi' candidate dent support for Bhairon Singh Shekhawat, due to the Rajasthan ki bahu connection Patil's choice is a political masterstroke, also because it brings back the tradition followed by the Congress party under Indira Gandhi, of appointing a phony at the pr

Bhopal circa June 2007

Update: As a fellow blogger Bhopal-e pointed out, I missed the Bhopal buses (literally too, I haven't yet travelled in them). The Star Buses had been introduced in Bhopal before they were introduced in Mumbai. Also, the multicolored (all Web 2.0 colors used!) buses of Bhopal look much better than the mono-colored BEST star buses in Mumbai. Original Post I am in Bhopal - my hometown .. a lot is changing here and this time around the major changes that struck me were: 1. Radio In the past 3 months, Bhopal grew from being a single Radio channel town (FM Vivid Bharti) to a 4 FM Channel town. BIG FM (92.7), My FM (94.3) and Radio Mirchi (98.3) are already here - thats just one channel less than Mumbai! 104 Fever - where are you??? ;-) 2. Roadside Beauty Before you start getting ideas - I am talking about the beautification of road dividers and footpaths. Run along the road from MP Nagar (Ambedkar/ Board Office चौराहा) to New Market / TT Nagar - the dividers and the footpaths have bee

Steve Jobbs - the techie entrepreneur

The more time Steve Jobbs spends at Apple, the more he vindicates my point that ' Apple is in the business of selling software '. In the latest release of the Safari browser, Apple released a version of the application for Windows, pitting the browser directly against Internet Explorer (and Firefox, Opera et. al.). I have been a fan of Steve from before he was reappointed at the helm of Apple, before he created the iPod revolution and much much before he released the iPhone. Here is my original write up on how Jobbs was disgracefully ousted from Apple way back in the 80s. ReadWriteWeb , commented very aptly on the irony of the situation: Interestingly, things seem to have come full circle for Microsoft and Apple. Back in the 80s, Microsoft was one of the biggest software developers on the Apple platform, and today, Apple is fast turning into one of the largest Windows developers (an irony not lost on Gates and Jobs two weeks ago at the D5 conference ).

Testing times ...

Ok. I gave another test - this time link through RWBE . Its called the MBTI - MyersBriggs Test ENTP - "Inventor". Enthusiastic interest in everything and always sensitive to possibilities. Non-conformist and innovative. 3.2% of the total population. Also check out the previous test I gave ...

Its just new tools - not a new way of life!

Those interested in Technology might have been following the news of Facebook (a social networking website like Orkut ) releasing an API to allow service providers build applications on its platform for its users. While it is indeed an impacting development, it isn't an lifestyle changing behavior as some tech gurus are proclaiming. Take for example David Sacks , who says: Facebook has a new answer to the portal question. The social graph, or your network of relationships, will push information to you. You'll learn from your friends. Thanks to Facebook's new developer platform ... To be frank there is nothing new in we learning about new content from our network of friends. From the pre-Yahoo days till today, we come across new websites, less so from a random Google Search and more so due to recommendations from friends. The majority of these recommendations flow through traditional methods - emails, IMs and SMS. So, if at all something changed 'thanks to Facebook'

What makes you Happy?

Shubham has posted a philosophical musing titled " Living with purpose ". I myself have reflected on this topic earlier [ 1 ][ 2 ]. However, a very related question is 'What makes you Happy?'. I have pondered peripherally albeit in a different context on this one as well [ 3 ]. At this stage of life where most of my friends are getting settled in life - I am confused. On one side are the tall dreams and ambitions set in childhood and adolescence, on the other are practical aspirations which arise more out of peer interactions than individual thought and on the third side are expectations others have from you. Looking back, till now I have mostly done what pleased my heart whether it was in school, college or MBA. Even in my job I have been fortunate to have got interesting opportunities (though not always :-P). But will following the same path keep me happy - what of expectations of loved ones are not fulfilled? They won't be happy then - in turn I would not be ha