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The IP messenger ..............

The IP messenger is the lifeline of NITIE ... this simple to use network messaging software is the most used tool in the campus.... here is a screenshot

What is amusing about IP messenger that it is not only used for messaging but has entered all spheres of life – people are known in the campus not by their original names but by their IP names; birthday notices are put up; news is broadcasted; movies and notes are exchanged; opinions are popularized; and even daily feuds are publicized on IP messenger.
A multicast on IP messenger is the universal panacea for all problems – whether you are searching some lost soul in the campus or trying to figure out the course for the next days test. During exams the IP messenger is especially busy. People multicast their doubts and pat come replies clarifying (or further mystifying) doubts.
A very interesting feature related to multicasts is the IP War. Anyone who wants to pass time multicasts any abstract albeit controversial topic. Soon the other concerned (read free) souls in the campus reply to this multicast resulting into a cascade of multicasts. IP War is waged from topics as remote as “Jackie ki chaddi” to as serious as “Working of Placecomm”. At times IP War also culminates into a shero-shaayari session or a round of Quiz.
But the names people assume on IP messenger are the most interesting aspect. While some people like me have freezed their IP names; some others believe in keeping them transient. Many like Shubham add interesting ‘tags’ after their names. Here is a list of interesting IP names.........

“Sighted Flab Sinking Same” – belongs to the chubby, fatty Arijit Ghosal aka Panda

“The One” – Ankit Jain the topper of the batch and a character in himself. In fact he has just recently joined the group of transient IP names after remaining “Excelsior” for quite some time. Excelsior btw means: Slender, curved wood shavings used especially for packing.

shoOOonya – the happy, always enthusiastic Hemantkumar (no its not two but one name) Jain. He has made quite a brand of out of the name shoOOonya; and he quite deserves it. In fact he identifies himself so much with this name that he once mistakenly introduced himself as shoOOonya to a stranger

“The Jackal” – another "static" name; assumed by Shubham. The name originated from the Hindi term “siyar” which was a pronunciation aberration of “CR” –Class Representative. But it is usually the post-fixes to this name that are most interesting

“Mamoo” – well IP messenger has also helped many in self realization (not literally) Sharad Sharma was always known among his group of friends as Mamoo but somehow he didn’t acknowledge this publicly. Just yesterday he finally accepted the fact by changing his IP name to Mamoo

“Tiger” – another realizer here; he too didn’t change his IP name for many days but finally succumbed to peer pressure accepting his name. This is our very own sweet, cutie, Girls’ favorite – Somnath Chakravorti

“34” – a short and precise name by the simple yet impressive Jatin Grover; stands for his roll number btw

“Tarzan” – Mridul Dhanuka is anything but Tarzan. One of the few boys who take care of themselves – has a load of cosmetics in his room (for details refer Shubham’s Blog on El Dorado). Only manner in which he resembles Tarzan is his dressing – is mostly found in sleeveless Tees.

“A Mute Spectator”– well just for the time being this seems to be the IP name of Sourjyendu Medda. A champion of transient names – he frequently uses his IP name to start as well as end controversies.

Aboriginie – the first naming brand of IM10; Shivnath Tiwari has been Aboriginie since the earliest days of IP messenger. And yes, his actions do resemble those of people of the aboriginal tribes.

“AmitCh” – Well he is Amit Chaudhary; but nowadays everyone only calls him Amit See Ech. Also known as “the devil” on the IP messenger

“Coeur Palpitatez” – it was this name the prompted me to post this Blog. This name belonging to Amit Atri was so amusing that I looked up the dictionary; soaked up the net; Googled and even tried finding it in Norman Lewis. But alas I couldn’t find its meaning. And so aroused this interest in IP names

“Dogbert” – Vishwas Dabral recently (around 3-4 months ago) branded himself with this name. Dunno why ? but the name is cooooool ......

“Fat Cat” – an apt name of the fattest guy in the batch – R Arun Kumar. He chose it himself; but for information those who feel that it’s himself that he chose by this name. No – it is Garfield (probably his favourite comic strip) which is portrayed in this name.

“Hell Guard” – the cyber secy Arul Prakash does have a penchant for weird terms; now that’s like a techy.

“Hells Bells” – quite a rhyming name, but why Rishi Tiwari chose this name is a mystery to me

“Maverick” – another brand on the IP messenger; Karan Arora has maintained his name for about a year now. Well this guy isn’t quite a maverick himself; but at times does indicate such a bent of mind by the questions he asks during classes.

“Orchids” – well I sincerely don’t know why and how Chavvi Sharma chose this name; but nevertheless this is another long standing brand of the IP messenger

“Gulti” – Pavan Kumar is another veteran of the IP messenger. His name “Gulti” was the forerunner to most other IP messenger brands. And the name has imbibed itself so deeply in him that he himself was going to write his name as “Gulti Kumar” on the attendance sheet one day

“Peter Parker” – Aashiruddin Shahnawaz is a sincere and simple guy; very much like the alter ego of Spiderman i.e. Peter Parker. An apt name indeed.

“tappu” – one of the few IP names which are completely in small case. Tappu seems to be a hangover from his engineering days; Milind Tapaswi is also known for propagating a lot of content though the tags post-fixed to his name.

“Sauron” – another long standing brand on the IP; it used to be “Sauron from Mordor” in its early days. But now that everyone knows, Sudhir Singh Suryavanshi has shortened it to just Sauron.

“Laktin” – now this has been another puzzle for me since quite long; Harshesh Patel is quite a sued guy to assume this funky name unless he has a strong reason.

“Renegade” – a new founded brand by KVS Vamsi Krishna Karri. In most matters that concern him; he himself is the authority; so I very much wonder why he should require becoming a Renegade??

“Shavian Socialist” – I am suspicious if Varun Yadav has read even one of GB Shaw’s books; however the name (irrespective of its significance) has become another brand on IP messenger. It has undergone a slight change and stands as “Sinnerman Shavian” nowadays

“Strategist” – Abhishek Bansal is quite a player of the underworld; I have never managed to understand this fellow; though I have quite a few regards for him. His IP names quite aptly have been oscillating between the likes of Chanakya, Kautilya and Strategist.

“VP” – Vaibhav Pansari has never managed to become the VP of the batch (I don’t think he ever wanted to become one). But he is the VP (i.e. Vaibhav Pansari) by default. His present name however is “Stud says ‘I am back’ ”

“VivekG” – The cultural Secy who also self assumed the post of President of IP War group (IPWG), Vivekgaurav (no its not two but one name) aka Shayar Patialvi is an expert in triggering IP Wars. His IP name is another of the brand of the campus

“Yudi” – Shree Shree Shree 1008 Easwer maharaj. Well S V Easwer is hardly ever known by his name; another veteran of the IP and an ardent member of IPWG – Yudi is also a brand in NITIE. Once gain; I simply am oblivious of the meaning of his name

“Zorro” – well built; impressive and a non-nonsense guy – Atul Bhasin also assumed his IP identity as Zorro in the early days of the IP messenger.

And after all ….comes me myself and Bill Gates!! Yesssir that’s my own IP name. Bill Gates is my childhood ideal and when I got a chance to assume a pseudo identity on IP messenger I couldn’t find a better name and so “ Bill G@te$™ ” it was.......


  1. Bhai where to download the ip messenger from????

  2. Abe Mama to tu bhi hua karta hai..wahan kisi ko bataya nahi kya apa naam.

  3. man.. ip messenger is truly the real lifeline of NITIE.. this is one of those things that i will miss the most when i leave this place.. hopefuly, we can use it in our future offices too..
    remember the time when we had just landed in NITIE.. and we saw many people in ip messenger with their groups as VGFC..

    the fun never stops on ip..

  4. Found meanings of a few IP names ... did not want to edit the blog so posting as comment
    Couer Palpitez : Heart Throb
    Laktin : Author of some textbook for chemical engineers

    Mr. Harshesh Patel is a fan of this author

  5. It was real walk through the past.. lovely blog.. can be treasured forever..


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