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Exams . . .a refreshing experience ?

Exams are usually tough and taxing times, but this time around I found exams a lot more refreshing. I had been very irked about a week before exams .. loss of emotional energy and all that ..the reason was that I was bored, bored of the routine that I had been following for the past 3 months. We had been working on MastishK since the past 3 months and my routine was fixed… start the day planning for the next phase of the project or the days schedule… go to class.. come back sleep .. wake up and then start meetings which last till 3 AM and then sleep again ….
We were living MastishK for the past 3 months, thinking about it day and night … it was taxing ..the mind needed change .. it took me some time to realise this … then one day someone said that he/she was getting bored of seeing the same faces everyday .. I wondered …I said – “this couldn’t be a problem. It never happened to me in my family. Then why here?” and I soon answered my own query … change … we are humans not machines .. we cannot survive without change .. and since we were facing the same faces, the same topics the same attitudes for so long .. we were all irked..

Exams have come as a refreshing change in the sense that they have introduced new topics to interact .. but the way we have to go .. discuss studies day and night - I think I might soon get worked up again…. This is where I feel I have discovered an important principle which I can utilise in my professional life later …. Come out of the routine … I have often seen that in name of professionalism offices do not encourage pep-talk … bosses and managers keep on discussing work - day and night … this needs a change … more so as we spend more and more time in offices nowadays, one needs to make the office more like the home … at home we see the same faces everyday but we don’t get bored .. why ? because we interact on a wide array of topics and ways .. my mom will ask me about my health as well as my studies .. she would listen to my adventure trip narration as well as about my friends and my life .. it helps … it helps greatly ….

Yesterday was Mugdha’s engagement – the first in our generation of Kulkarni’s and damn I couldn’t visit even though I was in the same city …. Probably everyone else felt that I don’t care … there’s no way to explain I do …. Anyway the great thing was that Balu kaka called … while talking to him I felt as if I should fly to meet all of them who had come from Nagpur… and talk a lot to them .. but alas !! mankind hasn’t progressed as much …otherwise I might even have flown to Bhopal in a sec to eat Modaks that mom has made for me …;))

I am home sick, and i finally have to accept I am … but then with my ticket booked for 4th Nov and the probability that Abhi might be visiting Mumbai next month … it seems there are better times ahead … Amen !!!


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    its holalkere

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