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IM11 Credits - MastishK

The IM11 team has been the main reason for the success of MastishK. These people have worked really hard – all credits to them …. I am just a cog-wheel of the gears, they are the engine behind the Rocket called MastishK
The specific credits are as follows (order is random, no preferences)

To start with, Suraj, our central upload manager – a very efficient chap, hard working and dedicated. He was a major resource to us during the website coding. The homepage, the Registration and login areas and all other daily games were made by him. Without him we wouldn’t have completed most of the crucial stuff. And creditably, he even worked during his summers-placement process, and has always been the person whom we could rely on during constrained times.
Arti – another dedicated worker! If you want to know what process ownership means, give a job to her and you’ll understand. The MastishK creative whiz, all MastishK wallpapers are her handwork. She also made sure that the Quiz runs everyday, making pages on and in time, coordinating with VAK for them.
Coming to teams, the Media team consisted of Jagandeep, Karan Sadhwani, Ayan, Arpit and Mandar. They were the most methodical team. And I should commend them for their hard and efficient work. They created a lot of code which was later used by other teams as well. They also discovered tools like FirstPage, which was again am asset. More importantly, this was a team which hardly bothered me ever with any coding challenges. I can remember just a singular instance when I had to sit with them to sort out the code. A great performance I would say, these guys can tell you what - "Operational Excellnce" means!
The Entreplayer team, the smallest of all, but I should say the closest to me, consisted of Kumar Hemendra, Nikhil Patil and G Aswin. These guys are real hard workers. Their game was pretty complex and their skills (even all 3 put together) were pretty limited, but their passion was unlimited – and it is this that drove them. As complex as their game was, even they debated policy issues with Milind and Ashita to make the game near-perfect. I was into the picture with this team all the time, partly because of my own affinity to the concept of Entreplayer (this was the first seed I conceptualised for MastishK), and partly to help these guys bridge their coding skills. I have spent many sleepless nights with these guys everyday, when we compiled the latest results for the day. All said and done, “Well done!” is the best compliment for them.
The Law’gistics team divided themselves into two sub-teams to develop each stage of their game. Piyush has to be credited for discovering ‘Wamp’, the PHP-MySql combined engine which was extremely useful during the development process. He is a very talented person and fast learner. Coming to Nikhil Relan and Sudhanshu – hard work is their area. Both of them worked very hard to create the second stage. Kudos to them!
The CrossRoads design team though limited in their role, but very competent. We have received immense appreciation for the quality of crosswords they created, Kudos to Saurabh, Prasanna and Anirban!
And now the one-member team – Parag who handled the Khoj section. He was responsible for generating the URL’s (with Sharad) and making pages. Parag is another dedicated worker we have had.
Last but not the least, Nidhi, who was the sole member who worked on an offline game from the MastishK portfolio. This was 'Street', the game that was played as a part of Red Herrings during Prerana. The amount of Excel/coding involved in this was pretty large, so that Nidhi had to work full-time on it. Again, we have a hard worker here - who is very responsible. After handing over the work to her, I never had to check upon the progress, rather it was she who regularly updated me on the development and clarified doubts.
To conclude, I am very happy about the performance of this team, and I am sure they will all make sure that MastishK 2005 will be bigger, better and exponentially exciting!!
For those interested in reading more on MastishK, read the next posts and visit the MastishK Blog
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