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Mast hai yeh life!
The missing Link (Part II)!

Came Diwali and I rushed off to Pune .. . Mom had been in Pune for 2 days and Abhishek and Baba (that’s what I call my Dad) joined us a day after I went. Pune was again enjoyable, a break from my campus life... I spent time reading books (completed ‘Da Vinci Code’) and sleeping ;). And in the evenings it was mostly time to visit relatives – we have so many in Pune that it takes all your time. Just a few days were left when Abhishek told me that his holidays were till 22nd and he had almost a week to spend at home in Bhopal after he returned from Pune. I suggested why not he comes along with me to Mumbai rather than spending time alone at Home. Fortunately mom-dad also concurred and I went to hunt for proper reservations which we got. That was it!! The stage set for fun and masti !!
Abhi and I came back to NITIE on 15th night. I had contemplated that I would be busy with classes so Abhi might get bored. . . but it seems God had arranged for Abhi serendipitous visit . . . my classes kept getting cancelled or rescheduled. (btw all these classes are getting scheduled now, so that we have a 9 to 9 routine :( )
The first day we went to Churchgate-VT, and saw the whole area including – Gateway of India, The Taj and Fort area. That day we also went to Nana Kaka’s (my uncle) house to visit them. On 17th we went to Haji Ali and then to Juhu in the evening. The next day we went to Mulund R-Adlabs and saw Veer-Zaara, later visiting Vrinda also and making plans for Saturday to see movie with Runa at IMAX-Dome. I was busy the next day and Abhi went to IIT to spend time with his friends.
On Saturday I had a class to attend. When I got back from class Abhi gave me the gr8 news that he had finally been selected to his dream destination NDA( National Defence Academy) – he will join the Army!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am very happy for him, probably more than what I was for myself. He has achieved a dream he cherished since class 9th.
Soon after, we set off to meet Vrinda at Kanjurmarg. We had arranged with Runa to meet her at the Chunabhatti Station. We hadn’t told her that Abhi was in Mumbai; it was a pleasant surprise to her when we got down at Chunabhatti!! From there we moved on to IMAX and saw Space-Station 2. Then we went to Bandra bandstand where we spent time till evening. Getting back from Bandra (via Dadar) to Kanjurmarg was a nightmare. Jam-packed local and not even place to keep your feet on ground! Abhi had finally had the ultimate Mumbai experience.
By the time we got back to campus there wasn’t much time left and we soon left for the station . . .
Abhi left for home thus ended my weekend too ... Life has been a great fun all these days and now that the placement pressure is building I am all fresh to handle it !! I am thanking God for his grace on me . . . and hope that my life is happy in future too . . .


  1. Hey... Seems that having a ball.....
    Havent read da Vinci Code yet... :-(
    Hows is it??


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