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The end of a film-story life!

Today was the 'see-off' day; Ashita, Milind, Payal, Arul, Sudhendu, Arijit and many more left for home today and I was the 'see-off' person ;). As people leave, I reflect upon my days in NITIE which have been like - ' bliss' as Josyula put it a few days ago. Fun, slogging, events, Prerana, parties, trips, time pass and placements . . . all this has left a deep imprint on me and my life (which has taken an unexpected turn towards the consulting boulevard now).
While I was walking past the crowd at the Bandra terminus after seeing-off Ashita, Payal and Milind, it came to my mind that if anyone would make a movie out of our life at NITIE it could become a DCH types one .. hi hi .. I just thought out an end to this movie . . . . . . .
"The camera is focused on the train compartment window where I am standing and Ashii, Payal, Milind are seen seated inside. The train starts moving; I say a good-bye to them and as the train chugs out I turn and start walking back along the platform. The camera now turns around and my backside is seen while I walk through the crowd. The camera keeps moving with me, still focusing on my back (a nice ending music is being played in the background). Then as I move out of the station and take out the bike from the stand, the camera stops moving. Now I start the bike and move out of the stand on the road. The camera done not move with me now but keeps the focus on me till I disappear into oblivion in the traffic of Mumbai. And the screen is filled with the words 'Beginning of a new life' "
How was that? Nice? Would you suggest I get to Ramgopal for my screenplay skills?
[PS: BTW Ramgopal came to my mind 'coz I saw him and Antara Mali at 'Urban Tadka' (a restaurant) yesterday - went there for Ashii's Birthday party]

Epilogue: With people leaving, am kinda sad today, but that's natural and I am happy with what I have achieved in NITIE. My achievement is epitomized by the following IP that Abhishek Bansal sent me today - "chall baba i will be leaving tomorrow morning... before leaving i just wanted to pay u my sincere appreciation... I respect u a lot for one rare quality of urs and tht in the ability to ACT... i have seen u take up difficult projects and deliver it with excellence... I am confident u will rise very high in life ... my best regards "


  1. Hi NIkhil Bhai..
    Sorry for congratulating u so late...
    Congrats for the job...
    Yup its sad to see people leaving to their respective places.. I still remember the sad faces of friends when we left for home after engineering...:-(
    But new friends shall come in life yaar...
    Hope the best....

  2. Anonymous12:34 PM

    Reading about the "end of the story" forces me to visualize the soon-to-arrive end of my college days as well...
    with not-so-dry eyes,
    aditya oli


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