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Today has been a day of lots of thoughtful activity and culminated into recollection of my old philosophy et al. I started the day by visiting my school – Campion. It was a nostalgic visit especially because it was a ceremonious day of 26th January (Republic Day). Met almost all my teachers – and all recognized me by my name instantly – an achievement I can boast of. My thoughts went back to my school-days when I was an inspired soul who had a lot of vigour for the nation.
The day has ended with news – an MLA in Allahabad (U.P.) was killed in broad daylight and his body was cremated in secrecy without even informing the family members. This was done because the police feared law and order problems if the body was handed over to the family. What was SHOCKING was that I could relate this incident to the freedom fighter Bhagat Singh’s life. Even the bodies of Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru were cremated in secrecy for the same reasons. This exposes a burning question of today – are we really independent? What is the difference between the British Raj and the Mulayam-Raj that exists in U.P. today?
In the movie – ‘Legend of Bhagat Singh’ – Bhagat Singh exclaims – “Agar isi tarah jaat-paat par desh ki politics chali aur azaadi ki ladai ladhi gai to Gore-saab to chale jayenge par unki jagah Bhure-saab ki sarkaar aaegi jo waisi hi hogi aur ye desh ek din Dharm aur Jaat ki aag mein jal kar raakh ho jayega”. Suddenly I feel that his worst nightmares have come true in some parts of the nation like U.P. and Bihar where injustice and evil have risen to unforeseen levels.
Those areas or pockets which are saved of these perils are mostly those which have higher literacy rates. Those sections of society who harbour communal feelings are mostly those who are uneducated while those free from such thoughts are those who are educated. We need to resurrect the ideals of the likes of Bhagat Singh and Mahatma Gandhi. We need to bring a silent but decisive revolution in this country – we need to strive again for Poorna Swaraj. Swaraj – independence; independence from illiteracy, poverty, communalism, regionalism, mafia, power politics and infiltration(in that order).
As a young student I always thought that I will participate in bringing about this silent revolution. But in the past few years I was too busy building my own career to think about these thoughts of mine. But today these thoughts have come back to me with a force (visiting school has been instrumental in building up this emotional force). I hope I will be able to live up to the challenges of life while fulfilling these dreams of mine. Amen!


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