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The 'Pun'dit in my life
Arbit Friendship! - Part II

Shubham is a great punster [] and I have borrowed the term 'pun'dit from him. The one line that I would write about my friendship with him would be - 'It goes beyond emotions!'. Both Shubham and Me are strong believers in reason and absence (or insignificance) of emotions. But this attitude should not be confused with being selfish - it is 'beyond' emotions not 'devoid' of emotions!
Shubham is very practical - perhaps the most practical person I have met; but what bonds us together is that both of us are hardly ever affected or bothered about what 'others' are doing. An internal locus of control is integral to us. We have our hobbies, our passions and our secrets too and we do not believe in poking our nose in affairs that do not relate to us. Some more hygiene factors bonded us better - the fact that both of us wanted to get into IT, both enjoy old Hindi film songs and we both own two of the slowest comps in the campus :)
Similarities apart, the differences between us were a value add to me. During the past two years of my friendship with Shubham that I learnt how one can respect differences. We are different in many ways - Shubham scores better than me always, I can understand tech better than him; he is a ardent cricket fan and I am far from any form of sport; I am a veggie, he relishes non-veg . . . . but we have never had any fights or serious disagreements over any topic ever! I for once have learnt how to respect differences from him!
As much a practical person that Shubham is, he always works to a plan (very much unlike me). I have never seen him in a frenzy or haste. Everything is well planned and executed to perfection. He hardly ever gets excited and even as far as career is concerned he is a relaxed chap - working to a plan. On a negative side, he is a very lazy chap as well and has a very high 'appetite' for sleep. Whatever might be the case ... he is a typical 'cool' guy around ...
Practical, balanced, calm and always working in a regular fashion. If there is one irregularity I have observed in his life in the past 2 years - it is Arbit Choudhury. When he is thinking about Arbit and drawing for it that you see the 'over-excitement' in him. I usually am full of ideas and can spend nights awake getting excited about them. Arbit is something that brought about the same excited state in Shubham. He used to draw those strips day and night, sleep meager, wake up at all kind of odd hours thinking about arbit ideas and narrate them to me. In the last 3 weeks he spent at NITIE, he has worked day and night to increase the membership of the Arbit Yahoo Group and got around 400 new members.
Shubham's stupendous talent for pun is rightly utilized in Arbit Choudhury Strips and I am sure Arbit is going to grow big some day ... And Shubham will grow bigger !!!


  1. gr8 to read smoething abt myself.. thx for all the plesentries :)

    infact, i made my mom read this post as well.. and her cold comment abt it was- "the only part which is right in this post is your(that's my) laziness"".. :)
    well, i guess, no matter how old or smart u get, u can never escape ur mom.. :)

    abt u mentioning that i tend to plan everything well in advance, i guess it stems from my inherent laziness.. it is becoz i m soo lazy that i do not like to hurry with anything at all.. thus planning everything in advance..

    i was just showing some of my NITIE pics to my family members.. and something very strange happed to me.. i began to feel "ëmotional".. :) it has hardly been a week since i left the place and i am already feeling nostalgic abt it..
    i have stated this more than a million times, but i cannot stop myself from stating it again and again.. my NITIE days were the best of my life.. and i doubt if anything will ever come close to the enormus fun we had there..
    one thing is for sure, "i will never kill the NITIEan inside me".. :))))))))

    i am alreay planing to drop in mumbai during the prerana weekend.. lets see how it goes..


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