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Mixture or Compound?

It’s a mystery to me as to what we are supposed to do in life and as usual I was brooding over this subject when I thought over an analogy. Life can be supposed to have Work, Enjoyment and Satisfaction as its ingredients [one can add more to the list but those would fall under one of these 3 or a combination]. Then the next question arises – Is life a mixture or a compound?

If it is a mixture then we can safely assume that life should contain both work and leisure – thus suggesting the work-life balance that most HR personnel recommend. Since the components of a mixture retain their own properties; work and life too would run on separate lines, at different times and for different purposes.
But it could be a compound – right! In which case work and leisure would combine and form one substance. One substance – life. For example, for a musician, work and leisure are the same – music; for an actor, work and leisure would be the same – acting. Finally, for an entrepreneur Work, Leisure and Life all are his passion – his passion of entrepreneurship!

But we must first decide whether our life is a mixture or a compound! Any comments?

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  1. well mate,

    since we r discussing an abstract question, the answer also needs to be abstract.. i mean, there can be on black and white ans. as to whether life is a compound or a mixture..
    my take on the topic is, for a man who cannot separate the different departments of his life, (ex. brings his work tensions to his home, vents his anger on one person on another etc.), life is a compound, where the individual elements lose their identity to create a new entity..
    but for a man who is able to separate these compartments, life is a blissful mixture, when he can enjoy the smallest piece of happiness in the midst of a gloom of sadness.. this is perhaps the state which all our ancient scriptures persuade us to attain..

  2. From where do u guys get these ideas??

  3. Classic! I could not even think in the way Shubham did!

  4. there couldn't have been a better answer than what shubhan said... actually i was also thinking on the same lines... but he has put across in the better way...

    a mixed compound :o

  5. hi from another nikhil kulkarni..nice blog..an al'chemist' would probably be in a better question to answer this..if life is a 'compound' or a 'mixture'!!

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