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North Korea Vs. India

Some journo went to North Korea, and took some neat looking photographs ...

But the comments alongside this photos were quite derogatory - he was probably trying to drive home the problems of being a communist country. However, as most Indians would realise - each of these comments could as well apply to India. Some examples (all italicised text is mine)

  1. North Koreans are always amazed when they see a white man.
  2. Oil is almost inexistant, so most of the labor is manual.
  3. Water seems not to be avaliable everywhere when you leave the capital. A woman is washing her clothes in the river.
  4. Koreans are not shy when it comes to basic needs, the guide forbid to take pictures of men taking a piss on the middle of the road, but there was no problem when it happened in the capital next to to a monument.
  5. During the day the elevator didn't work for 15 mins
  6. View from the monument, besides the pretty view you can also see the dead birds.
  7. (The pic is a large slum between few tall buildings) The whole Pyongyang is like this, when he asked the guide about the old houses the guide said that old people didn't want to move out in the new ones and like it that way.
    I would have said the same for Mumbai if one would see the Kurla slum adjoining the airport
  8. One mystery remains, how comme under capitalism the roads are good and under communism sh*tty.
    Whoever told him they were good under capitalism? (Wel)Come to India!
  9. In every place you will have a Pole with a citation of the great leader.
  10. Fancy garbage cans in parks.
The autor is Artemii Lebedev, one of the leading web-designers in Russia

In conclusion - it's not the political system but the attitude of the people that makes a nation good or bad.


  1. Remember, coming to your blog ages ago. Even admired your posts from time to time. after a long gap, again I am here. You have still maintained the same tempo. :-) keep it up!


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