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Is this helping Justice?

NDTV is running an expose into the BMW Case today. It is showing tapes of some sting operation to reveal the negative role played by the Public Prosecutor. Meanwhile, the reporting team is also pointing fingers to the very witness who prompted them in the first place to do this story. And at every available opportunity they are themselves trying to take maximum credit for releasing the story.

In reality, what NDTV is doing might probably deprive the victim of justice and help the accused scrape through without a sentence. Tomorrow when the court hears the case, the credibility of the witness will be questionable thanks to the 'expose' by NDTV. Further, since the victim and his lawyers are now very well aware of the impending allegations and evidences to be presented in the court (again thanks to NDTV's expose), they will come doubly prepared to refute each of these and also armed with possible claims and appeals of the evidence being fabricated.

What NDTV Should have done: Rather than air the story outside the court, NDTV should have first presented the story in the court to take the accused and his lawyers by surprise and also at a loss to disclaim any video evidence of the story. The channel probably could have gained a better mileage among the people by doing so, rather than the current 'AajTak types' brazen announcements.

Media is considered the fourth pillar of democracy - I wonder when will it mature enough to be worthy of being called so in India!!

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