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What makes you Happy?

Shubham has posted a philosophical musing titled "Living with purpose". I myself have reflected on this topic earlier [1][2]. However, a very related question is 'What makes you Happy?'. I have pondered peripherally albeit in a different context on this one as well [3].

At this stage of life where most of my friends are getting settled in life - I am confused. On one side are the tall dreams and ambitions set in childhood and adolescence, on the other are practical aspirations which arise more out of peer interactions than individual thought and on the third side are expectations others have from you.

Looking back, till now I have mostly done what pleased my heart whether it was in school, college or MBA. Even in my job I have been fortunate to have got interesting opportunities (though not always :-P). But will following the same path keep me happy - what of expectations of loved ones are not fulfilled? They won't be happy then - in turn I would not be happy.

More disturbingly, some parameters of success have changed even in my life; some luxuries which one never thought of (sometimes never knew about) are now desired; some goals which one never set have now been set by peers, colleagues and other environmental factors. Will one be happy if one does not fulfill these 'hygiene factors'; achieve these luxuries? Its a tough call - believe me.

I have always believed in this quote by George Bernard Shaw:

"The reasonable man adapts himself to the conditions that surround him... The unreasonable man adapts surrounding conditions to himself... All progress hence depends on the unreasonable man."
But, I am not sure if I continue to want to remain 'the unreasonable man'. I am no more sure 'What makes me happy?' and hence the purpose of life is becoming more and more unclear.

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  1. I feel the concept of Happiness does not solve the human desire for peace and happiness. In reality, looking for Happiness for sure do not lead the person to happiness ...but for sure it will lead him / her to SUFFERING.

    What is relevant for right living is.. ( more than ( NOT AT ALL ) happiness )... LIVING IN PRESENT..

    1. It is living in present provides the RICH - KICK for life.

    2. Just be in touch with what is the present moment.. it is really happiness.. Even so called sadness automatically transformed into happiness the moment one is PRESENTLY AWARE. Of course this is in other words called .. MEDITATED LIFE..

    3. Practicing - being in the present is the essence .. Even while I am typing i need to be ( I m trying ! ! ) ... aware of..

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