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Working From Home

So true for India as well - I hope corporates in India also realize it

Excerpt from: The "Work From Home" Generation from Read/WriteWeb by

The Good Things

  1. No commute: If you live in the suburbs and work in the city ...
  2. Flexibility: Working from home likely implies flexible hours - having flexible hours is a huge benefit for example you can exercise during the time of the day which suits them best.
  3. Saving money and the environment: having no commute has another big benefit - financial savings. With the cost of gasoline going through the roof, not having to drive is important for everyone. Working from home also has a global environmental benefit. By commuting less we save energy and reduce pollution.
  4. Increased productivity: A typical office environment is noisy, people are talking, phones are ringing, co-workers are coming by to chat, and there are always crowds near the coffee and soda machines. At home, these distractions are not going to be present. But, if you can't focus on work with home distractions (kids, lure of TV, etc.), you may want to rethink working at home in the first place.

The Bad Things
  1. Brainstorming is difficult
  2. You never leave work
  3. Entropy is after you: The dynamics of an office work environment stimulate us in ways - each interaction brings in human subtleties and brings an opportunity for creative thought and innovation. When working at home these stimuli will not be there and everyone is going to get bored, sooner or later.

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