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An Email Letter

On June 7th, 2010 Arijit Ghosal - a close friend wrote this email commemorating 1 year of moving into his new apartment. It covers me as well, so I had planned to post it on my blog. Got time today to format and publish.

Yesterday was June 7th. So what you ask. Looks like a pretty mundane ‘at least once a year’ date.

More often than not, in the rigmarole of sustaining livelihood and keeping the EMIs on, we generally forget to keep track and celebrate that very thing which we all are chasing in some way or the other…happiness. It suddenly struck me and couldn’t resist myself sharing with those who were together in those moments and those who will appreciate it.

It’s been a year now - June 7th 2009 and the few days prior to that are very special to me, and to Nikhil & Anoop as well, I would assume.

June 7, 2009: I kicked my landlord and broker and moved in as the final addition to the list of the tenants at the legendary E 703, Bluefields, Powai. It was a Sunday evening. I remember Nikhil came with his iconic Wagon R and much to our surprise the vehicle managed the entire luggage by itself in a single trip.

But moving out of the clutches of landlord was not the only reason for joy and contentment (though it contributed significantly!).

On the back drop was perhaps the biggest decision made by me till that point of time. On June 5th2009, a Friday, with trembling hands, I had made the token payment of Rs. 1 Lac for booking the lovely 2BHK at Raj Legacy, Vikhroli West… my first own home! What a feeling it was, and what a feeling it still is.

Exactly a week before that, Nikhil & Anoop had made their big decision together and booked their flats with Nahar Amrit Shakti, Powai.

Much has happened since then to the three flat mates.

  • The three flat mates are now residing in 3 separate flats. Meetings are less frequent now.
  • There is no fight about who will bring the grocery. There is no choice.
Relationship status
  • Nikhil is no more single. Am really happy for him and Divya.
  • Anoop…is he single? Have my doubts.
  • Myself…will I ever be ‘not single’? Have my doubts.
Other developments

  • Nikhil has acquired a lot of furnishings at his residence. Hosts parties regularly. Is a very looked after damad…if his frequent visits to Indore are anything to go by.
  • Anoop has got a sedan. So very difficult to catch hold of him nowadays.
  • Have changed job. Lots of screwing happening…on me, that is.
But I guess very few things compare to the feeling of June 7th. After those innumerable home hunting trips to slum rehabilitations (we used to scoff at them) to the plushest of townships (they used to scoff at us), those data collection exercises, those long negotiations with owners and the brokers, those analysis paralysis about fixed rate, floating rate, stamp duty, registration, wealth creation….it does feel good to have a place of one’s own.

So this 7th of June, when I experienced the showers in Mumbai, looking over the rejuvenated hillock in front of my flat, enjoying a perfect cuppa tea and warmly ensconced by my French window, it felt, friends, that in our own small way, we have arrived.


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