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True Freedom

As humans we have a tendency to categorise things, we like to organise our houses, offices, cities etc. We like to put things in cabinets or drawers or shelves. But this habit transcends physical space to people - we like to categorise people; into Christians, Hindus, Muslims, Jews ... Into Leftists, Liberals, Rightists, Fascists, Apologists, Colonialists, Rascist ... Into Indians, Russians, Americans (whatever race they represent!), Blacks, Whites, Caucasians, Asians ... Well even men, women and others!

And then, we categorise ourselves also - even if we don't like what we think we are - we'd like to think of ourselves also as belonging to one tribe or sect or thought.

But the facts stare us in the face - biologicaly you are not the same person you were a moment ago, cells in your body are constantly changing, thoughts in your mind are constantly evolving, your beliefs are constantly changing!

People too cannot be categorised - someone who is liberal about political thought can be a conservative on personal relations, a politician who propounds capitalism may prefer Banks to be nationalised ...

Gandhi taught us not to think of people as masses - as Hindus or Muslims or British or Indian. But the more fundamental learning is not to categorise ourselves, not to box our own identity into one or the other. Great souls can transcend what they themselves are or were - Valmiki gained sainthood from a past as a dacoit!

True freedom starts from thyself, stop bracketing yourself, then stop yourself from bracketing others, then stop others from bracketing others - true freedom comes by freeing oneself from our own limitations.

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