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Tsunami times . . .

Its been long since my last post; it was before the last examination. After examinations I got very busy in the placement process that started immediately - am still busy, but consciously decided to take a break today and do some studies (will get back to them in a while ;P) . Also a day after exams I went to Pune for a kinda Batch reunion of college-mates in Pune-Mumbai. The trip was fun - we went to a farmhouse in Marunji village near Pune. Since then in the campus we have had atleast 20 company visits for pre-placement talks and some pre-processes as well. Placements seem to be going well this year (touch wood!). But while we have been busy with all this, the nation has been hit by one of the most disruptive natural disasters of my lifetime. The whole of East coast has been destroyed they say. I haven't dared to read any media reports in detail for the fear of aggravating tension in the already tensed mind of mine - but I can gauge this to be more than the Gujarat-Latur earthqu

Placements!! and me . . .

I joined NITIE a week later than my batchmates because I was yet to finish my final engineering exams. By the time I joined, the committees had been formed and elections/selections were over. So in spite of will I was left out of all committees. I hadn't even dreamt that I would be involved with any activity leave alone placement of all. Then slowly I started working - to start with it was ITS (our IT/Tech forum- now TechnoMatrix) and along the way proposed 'Online Games', which went on to become MastishK - and that was where I made a success out of a seemingly impossible task; but that's another story. Click the links below to read my posts about MastishK ['Entreplayer','MastishK Credits' and 'It must be a tough job to be a CEO!'] ( ) In January we had some reorganisation in our placemen

Trip to Pune . . .

After I came to NITIE and saw how the alumni network is managed, I understood one of the major things lacking in BIT (my engg. school) was this. Serendipitously Sallu (Manish Saluja) one day called Shubham and told him about invisionfree forum that he had discovered and gave the idea to make it a discussion forum for their batchmates; when Shubham discussed the idea with me - we thought of extending it as a an Alumni Portal for all alumni of BIT and thus started BIT Alumni the (un)official portal for BITans. Today we have become a 500 member strong site and the largest online conglomeration of BITans. The next logical step to this venture was organizing Alumni meets in different cities. As a small beginning we organized a reunion of all BITans of our batch in Mumbai-Pune (15 turned up) but our meet has fired BITans in other cities as well for such ventures . . . its really been 'main chalta gay kaarwan bantaa gaya' for 4 of us founding members - myself, Sh

Blogging . . .

Hey Dudes!! I have found you a respite from the dreary reading of my blog .. guess what?? A whole constellation of blogs!! Its been compiled by Anita Bora, previously Asst. editor at Rediff, now a blog enthusiast . . . Mussay Indians have become global citizen really . . . and they are sure dominant on the net !! The List : A compilation of Indian blogs. Growing every day. The Ring : A web-ring of Indian bloggers. Feel free to join. Of course, Anita decides whether to let you in ;) Anita's Site : Let me spin the world wide web around you . . . I haven't yet decided myself whether to join the ring!! But for the rest of this post, here is some Q&A inspired by Anita's FAQ on blogging . . . Why do you blog? I discovered blogging when I visited Manish Saluja's blog (Manish is a close friend of Shubham -my NITIE pal) I then found many blogs of my friends and other known personalities. That's where I started in April 2004 and I just loved the concept. I was

If - Rudyard Kipling

I was in search of this poem since log .. so when I found it I coudn't resist psting it on my blog If If you can keep your head when all about you Are losing theirs and blaming it on you; If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you, But make allowance for their doubting too; If you can wait and not be tired by waiting, Or, being lied about, don't deal in lies, Or, being hated, don't give way to hating, And yet don't look too good, nor talk too wise; If you can dream - and not make dreams your master; If you can think - and not make thoughts your aim; If you can meet with triumph and disaster And treat those two imposters just the same; If you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools, Or watch the things you gave your life to broken, And stoop and build 'em up with wornout tools; If you can make one heap of all your winnings And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss, And lose, and start again at your beginnings

Friendship ??

um... the exam wasn't bad ..'twas good rather .. but am not feeling beat up ... again something happened ... its about a friend and I am feeling bad about it ... hey don't worry .. am not going to bore anyone with "how bad I feel?" type post .... Sometimes I wonder what friendship means... we might call all our acquaintances friends, we actually do - all classmates, all past and previous batchmates - everyone is a friend. But think, how many of these would really fall under the category of friends? Before that what is exactly a friend? Someone who will give his everything for you? C'mon that I believe is pretty subjective! It all depends on what you ask for. At times you may ask for trivial things and your friend might not be able to fulfill your expectation. And sometimes even strangers might give their life for you - it happens isn't it? Then how would you characterize a friend? There has to be another definition. So let me try - one who shares his/her

Is the World sitting on an Economic Time-Bomb?

Well . . . World baad mein . . . I am sitting on a CGPA Time-Bomb. My exams start tomorrow; and am terribly short of reading . . so this post over I don' t hope to make any posts for the next 5 days (unless exams are that frustrating ki post maarna pade) :P OK now turning to the world . . as a part of Global Economics I learnt that a. International Trade is good for all countries and the world as a whole b. Any trade barrier may sound good for producers in an economy in the short run but is detrimental to the consumers always, and also harmful for growth of industry in the long run c. All countries need foreign capital for their progress and a trade deficit helps in increasing Current Account deficit of nations which in turn helps in faster rate of economic growth (now that's a bit tricky, won't dare to elaborate) d. The US dollar has become the world currency because US has a very very high trade deficit. US actually has been living off debt from other nations. The pu

I am human

He he ... I have been spending time visiting other blogs .. was kinda restless but wasn't able to concentrate on studies .. was wondering ki 'saala chakkar kya hai' - why aren't exams scaring hell outta me ... and why do small things (eh! thats a secret - something happened today that I didn't like) disturb me like this?? And suddenly like a message of god I read a line on a blog that I was visiting - "You are Human!" .. and really it was a relief! it helps sometimes to reaffirm your existence and your erroneous behaviour by simply accepting that you are human ... making this post to just document this reaffirmation :) "I am Human!!" Thank God I was reminded :)) I am a very typical example of what humas are called - 'social animals'. I usually dont enjoy things alone, always get everyone else involved - alone I only brood, dream and wonder; and then get everyone else into things. . . and so I feel bad when others don't inclu

Mushkil Bada ye pyaar hai!!

I have been discussing ‘love’ with one of my friends for the past many days! Amazed? Well actually I am not the kinda person to even think of Love, but this other chap is . . and I enjoy discussing the subject with him. Probably my only experience of love is my love towards my family and my friends . . never loved a girl (even if I did, I am not sure of it). Anyway, the issue in this post isn’t whether I loved or he loved or anyone loved, its about the definition of love. Is love a one-sided feeling? Or does it have to be mutual? And even if it is mutual, does it have to be tied in the nuptial relationship? And does love require compatibility? If there seems to be a mismatch, should the relationship end? Reversing, if there seems to be a mismatch, should the relationship start at all (opposites attract!)? We debated on all these questions . . . I don’t think we still have any answers, but some things came out. Love may or may not be a one sided affair, but it is unconditional. Love h

Confusion about life . . .

This is a strange thing about life that I have been discovering since long . . . when you r young, your goals, what you want to be, what you will do etc seems very straight very clear. But as you grow up, the path becomes more and more misty. Today as I stand just 3 days from the last examination of my student life all set to launch myself into the world, I am thoroughly worried about how I will achieve the goals that I had set for myself when I was a child. Not that this feeling has dawned suddenly – it has come very very slowly, the mist spread gradually through my engineering days till here, and by now I can’t see even 2 months down the line about where the road to life is leading. I slept off thinking about all this and more and thought about why this happens when asleep. When you are young, you are made to learn logic. We learn all daily routine by logic – if X happens then do Y, or if A happens then B will follow. Something like if you got up from sleep, then go brush your teet