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Blogging from Office !!!!!!!

I am blogging from Office .... and I hope I don't end up like this . And for all those folks who share the same fate as me (blog from Office) - here is a useful link: How Not to Get Fired Because of Your Blog Wellssss I can't possibly use the same excuse of being busy for not posting regularly. I do have some time but the real problem is NET! I get time when at home etc but easily accessible net is what I am missing. So efforts have started - contacted the local Broadband Service provider as well as Sify . Should have net at home by next Monday. And then I would get time to post interesting things rather than this 'Dear Diary' kind of stuff. Blogging sure is fun and as this article says - "...there are only three motivations for keeping one [a blog] : information sharing, reputation building, and personal expression. And though any one of these may be the primary reason for a blog, no one maintains a blog for any length of time without eventually doing all three.&

Mast Hai Yeh Life !

Whoaaaa !!!! I am back! After a long time … and for the first time after leaving the NITIE campus. Reason for this lull period ? a. Lack of 24 hrs net L b. Work pressure that puts me to the bed right after dinner Anyway – the title of the post is picked up from an old post of mine [ ] and represents the ‘busyness’ that I have been having these days. Life is quite full with a Quality Process Review in Office, my current project’s conclusion meeting and our home shifting all landing up together. And I was on my all time high excitement when I got the news that Sunil Bhaiyaa is landing up in Mumbai with ‘Evam Indrajit’! Going to watch the show today. More is on cards with an official visit to Hyderabad on Friday which I have planned to extend over the weekend (obviously)! Already making plans to meet all Campionites, NITIEans and BITans in Hyd. For the regular visitors of this blog I plan to post so

Gutentag !!!

Well that's Good Morning translated to in German :) But this post is titled as : Guten'tag' = Gutenberg + Tag MaDaN a fellow student of NITIE, tagged my blog with the Book Tag- MEME . The chain came thus (I tired to trackback it) Thomas Luongo -> Knappster -> Ken -> Kevin Carson -> BradSpangler -> Yazad -> Nanopolitan -> SilentEloquence -> Pramod -> Madan -> Me!!! Guess the significance of 'tag' is clear - but what about Gutenberg?? Well this Tag is about Books - a concept that could never have become a mass audience subject but for printing technology. Gutenberg was the inventor of the printing press and hence the father of knowledge management - the Gutenberg Press and Gutenberg Bible are the most celebrated terms in history of Books. A perfect obituary to Gutenberg is the Project Gutenberg which aims to digitize, archive, and distribute cultural literature works. Enough about the title - lets get on with the post!!. Tot

Tuka Mhane

I boarded the local train to home from Currey Road as usual - but as soon as the local left the station some hustle-bustle started in my coach. On one end of the coach, a group of people gathered into a circle and slowly I could hear someone singing. A few more voices joined in soon and slowly a drum (A special kind of drum called Dholak in India) started - and them came a rejoinder of manjeere , a musical accessory. This is also called Taayl in Marathi ---> <--- Within a few seconds the group gained tempo and started singing in unision - I could hear the word 'Tuka' and 'Vitthal' in their songs and I realised that these people were singing Abhang !! Click the image below to know about Abhang India by and large is a religious country - we have a illustrious history and a great culture. Religious movemements have always been the seeds of social gathering in India (the trend remains so even today when Ramdev Baba conducts Yoga sessions for 1000 people at a ti

Chimes of the Times

The song 'Ek pyar ka Nagma hai' is running on my comp, the other window open on my desktop is the transcript of my NITIE interview [ ] . The song currently plays the following lines (I am typing as the words play)- 'Kuchh paakar khona hai, kuchh khokar paana hai, Jeevan ka matlab to aana aur jaana hai. Do pal ke jeevan mein, ek umra churaani hai, Jindagi aur kuchh bhi nahi teri meri kahaani hai....' One of the questions asked to me in my NITIE interview about my entrepreneurial aspirations was - "As an entrepreneur what will be your starting budget – 1 crore, 10 crore?" I was simply overwhelmed by the figures and could only blurt out that I would start small. But today I understand that for succesful venture I would have to atleast be prepared for these figures and I really might start with such figures. NITIE has helped me to understand, comprehend and respect financial figures and other details of business. I have d

Turning Point ℓ ~ ∂

This blog has completed 3000 hits today . . . and to commemorate this event let me post about an event that left a deep imprint on me and deserves to be christened as the "turning point" of my life . . . [Pardon me for being a bit senti . . .] Our school (like most other schools) had a tradition that every section would conduct the morning assembly for one week in the year. I was in class VII and our class was allotted the turn. The class teacher selected 6 students to deliver the 'thought for the day' on each weekday. I was the last one to be selected and so was placed for Saturday. Unfortunately, an unexpected holiday was announced on Wednesday and every student's schedule shifted by a day and me who was on Saturday was kicked out. I was sad, dejected and frustrated when I went to my class teacher (Mrs. Subhadra Basu Roy). She consoled me and told me that I was good and would definitely get a chance next year but this consolation wasn't enough for me. F

From Holi to Dreamz unlimited . .

I was going through different blogs on people’s description of holi celebrations when I found Manish Chauhan’s Blog on Holi. His blog reminded me of my own childhood Holi days – Holi Dehan and Holi Milan were the most awaited days of the year for me too. But apart form the colours and sweets – Holi for me had a special attraction – a chance to showcase and exercise my ‘event management skills’. At our place there used to be a community dinner and cultural show in the evening on Holi (rang waali). This was time when we children used to prepare a small show with skits and games for the adults in our mohalla . Some adult also used to participate by their singing/acting performances. I must credit many of my ‘project management’ skills to the experience of organising Holi Dehan and these Holi evening shows when I was the ‘bhaiiyaa’ of the Mohalla [Incidentally I was known as dada even among my friends during my

Missing Action !

Action?... no dudes I am not missing Amitabh's Angry-Young-Man-Movies. Today was Sansmaran the annual Alumni-Fest of NITIE. Though we (PGDIM10) are yet to be officially declared alumni but since we no more attend classes so we did behave like 'real' alumni :D. It was great to see so many alumni from batches as early as PGDIE 7 (1979) and PGDIM1(1994). Many of them are the whose-who of the corporate world now and some are on their way to become so !! I should commend the junior batch for making the event a big success. They really worked hard and it showed in their performance. Apart from flawless management of logistics there were a stage-performances and among those worth mentioning are Solo Dance by Sugandha Agrawal on the song 'Jiya jale' ; and the play by the four - Vidya, Sastha, Divakar and Dinkar. It was really a great script and the fact that it was conceived by these guys themselves makes it all the more great. The play was a comedy on a dialog sequence bet

Back 2 school !!

Its been some time since I posted on this blog; actually am enjoying siestas and TV at home in Bhopal. Its cool here . . . am enjoying the chilly winter of Bhopal after a long time and it feels great. I got a chance to see the latest edition of our school magazine ‘Campionite’ yesterday; it’s been 7 years now after ‘my’ Campionite . I was the editor of the Campionite when in class 11th, and I have always considered it as a major achievement of my life. My view was vindicated yesterday when I saw the latest edition. As I opened the editorial it started with – ‘Dear readers Namaskar …..’ – starting the editorial with Namaskar was a tradition that I started. In fact while in school, I gave many speeches and public addresses and I had developed a unique style of mine – starting every address with ' Namaskar' , rather than a good-morning or good-evening. Going further I found a contents page. This does not sound as anything peculiar, isn’t it? After all, a magazine should have a

The end of a film-story life!

Today was the 'see-off' day; Ashita, Milind, Payal, Arul, Sudhendu, Arijit and many more left for home today and I was the 'see-off' person ;). As people leave, I reflect upon my days in NITIE which have been like - ' bliss' as Josyula put it a few days ago. Fun, slogging, events, Prerana, parties, trips, time pass and placements . . . all this has left a deep imprint on me and my life (which has taken an unexpected turn towards the consulting boulevard now). While I was walking past the crowd at the Bandra terminus after seeing-off Ashita, Payal and Milind, it came to my mind that if anyone would make a movie out of our life at NITIE it could become a DCH types one .. hi hi .. I just thought out an end to this movie . . . . . . . "The camera is focused on the train compartment window where I am standing and Ashii, Payal, Milind are seen seated inside. The train starts moving; I say a good-bye to them and as the train chugs out I turn and start walking b

How I became an MBA. . .aaa. .Consultant?

Just back from Khetan's room, and what were we discussing ?? How much will be the variable? How much is the current rent of a 2BHK in Bandra? and what all investments options are available . . . 3 days and our topics of discussion have changed from Zameen to Aasmaan . . really !! Yes - this is just one of the indications that Placements are over - PGDIM10 is finally placed !!! I rewind back to 2nd January 2005, night 10.30 PM: I sent a multicast "KPMG closing in 1/2 hr, all interested please apply by 11PM". Kartik walks into my room and the following conversation happens- K: 'Apply kar diya?' me: Main apply nahi kar raha . . . K: kyon? me: yaar IRM ke baare mein mujhe kya aata hai?? and with so many work-ex junta what chance do I stand? K: Abe saale IRM is a very good field for a person like you. See, a consulting job is like a freelancer; an entreprenuer; you can very well handle it; you have the skills. And then Kartik went on to describe the

Life mein Twist hai !! - Part III (Final)

Soon I was enjoying watching others play more than playing itself!! It was fun to watch Josyula and Dinker’s match. More fun followed when Shailesh Dhawla came to play the mixed doubles dressed as a lady aka Chachi!! He was paring with Shubham and they played Josyula and Ashita(for these two it was a warm up match :)). The match was lots of fun for all onlookers . . . I felt real appreciation for Dhawla . . .the one who dares to make fun at the expense himself for others’ enjoyment is worth being appreciated . . so I promised Dhalwa a treat after the match. . . Dhawla asked whether he should come as he was dressed and I thought that would be a great fun .. so I agreed .. As we were getting out of the campus we crossed an aged couple was taking its night walk. The lady first looked horrified and astonished seeing Dhawla who was looking like a perfect ‘Gay’! But soon she realized that it was a prank and started laughing. We went to Hirnandani – Smokin’ Joes (because Pizza Hut was

Me??? At a Reggae concert???

If one of old friends or my parents are told that I went to the Reggae ‘Shaggy’ show, they won’t believe. I am not a die hard fan of western music; in fact leave alone being a die hard fan – I don’t even listen to western music – and amongst all Reggae? No way!! I have no collection of western music (hardly 8 English songs stored on my hard disk which holds 3.5 GB of music) and my listening of western music is limited to the songs I hear at parties or at my friends’ place. And you may often find me arguing in favour of Indian music to western. So when I first heard from Milind about the ‘Shaggy Show’, I wasn’t interested. Then one day we all came to know that Milind (a die-hard fan, according to me) wasn’t going to the show himself, because he didn’t get anyone to join in. Meanwhile I had been feeling the need to recoil myself, by doing something off-the-track, and suddenly this appeared to be a great opportunity! So when someone suggested that we – non die hard fans – join Milind,

The Archives of my life

Folks! was facing some problem with posting since the last 2 days the delay ... This came on IP day-before-yesterday ===================================== From: ashii: Thapar di yaad aa gayee[Ashii] (IM10/ASHITA) at Sun Sep 05 15:00:32 2004 (multi)(sealed) ------------------------------------- Transcript of Nikhil’s Interview at NITIE So I thought y not find more on the net about me ... and so i got this ..... the above url itself is a good reading ... so i needn't post more ;))