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From Holi to Dreamz unlimited . .

I was going through different blogs on people’s description of holi celebrations when I found Manish Chauhan’s Blog on Holi. His blog reminded me of my own childhood Holi days – Holi Dehan and Holi Milan were the most awaited days of the year for me too. But apart form the colours and sweets – Holi for me had a special attraction – a chance to showcase and exercise my ‘event management skills’. At our place there used to be a community dinner and cultural show in the evening on Holi (rang waali). This was time when we children used to prepare a small show with skits and games for the adults in our mohalla . Some adult also used to participate by their singing/acting performances. I must credit many of my ‘project management’ skills to the experience of organising Holi Dehan and these Holi evening shows when I was the ‘bhaiiyaa’ of the Mohalla [Incidentally I was known as dada even among my friends during my

In Good Company . . .

Wonder If any of you have ever heard of this Movie; nice one! I just chanced upon it on the Movie Server and thought why not!! But it really turned out to be a fantastic flick ... and had a great message in it ... what's more is that what it said is what I myself have been feeling for the past few days. Here's the link Its about this 52 year old salesman Dan Foreman(Dennis Quad) who works for a sports magazine but suddenly finds himself demoted and being 'bossed' over by a 26 year old Carter Duryea (Topher Grace) when the magazine is taken over by a another company. At first this new exec is all booming with ideas about the company's new 'synergy' strategy. 'Synergy' is shown as some shitty management jargon which is far from the company's real-life business. While during the movie Dan has to lay off his old buddies while not agreeing with the company's new policies and has a hard time; the end makes things

Freedom of Communication (Speech)

A very interesting discussion is ‘ON’ on Manish Chauhan and Ramanand’s blogs. [ ] [ 2005_02_01_quatrainman_archive.html#110934441279858050 ] The discussion is about the gap between fact and fiction in relation to the movie ‘The Rising’ – supposedly made on Mangal Pandey’s life. Such questions have always been raised whenever Indian Cinema has dared to make films based on real life instead of fiction. Recently the Supreme Court had stayed release of Black-Friday (made on Mumbai Bomb Blasts) because it used real names of victims and accused in the Blasts. On the other hand just see how different Hollywood is – movies like Apollo 13, The Rookie, Titanic and many others not only do well but go on to become classics. Then there are movies like Saving Private Ryan, Three Kings and Forrest Gump which are made in a backdrop of a real life event like a war and are widely apprecia