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Passing The Exam

Reports go that the above song, Mehangai Dayan from Peepli Live has had offers from the political parties in opposition. No wonder with the so called 'strike' requiring the opposition to put all its goons to force, it is clearly evident that the UPA-II is difficult to defeat in spite of the current state of affairs. Is the UPA-II performing too well for a government to sit at peace cooling its heals. Hell no! UPA-II is definitely a different animal as compared to a typical Congress Govt. It is far more dynamic, its ministers have new ideas - yet, it is reaping benefits of a global wave towards investing in the developing world, not to mention the benefits from momentum of past governments, Vajpayee's NDA govt included. But what is making the UPA-II govt tick and lie in peace is a fragmented opposition which is busy infighting - whether its the NDA or the BJP within the NDA or the communists or the SP-vs-BSP feud. Politics in a democracy is hardly ever about performance - it