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Where the individual feels Independent!

Where News is not fake  And opinion is not biased; Where no temple, mosque, Gurdwara or Church, feels the need to use loudspeakers,  to practice their faith;  Where no one retiring from constitutional position, feels the need to voice concerns for, safety of people following a particular religion; Where no government asks you, who your ancestors were, and  no one feels victimized, because of his or her religion, race, creed or caste; Where the government exudes responsibility, for actions it takes, for data it collects, for policies it pursues  and statements its officials give; Where policy is proactive, and; infants do not need to die,  to jolt  government machinery into action;  Where  no one supports a leader, who refuses to sing the ' National Song ', because his religion doesn't permit it; Where political discourse is not limited, By narrow party ideologies; Where leaders do not get votes, because of their caste;

Dots that never connected

Vivek Kumar Agrawal was retiring today, leaving behind an illustrious career at Coal India Limited and a model career path for his subordinates to look forward to. VK Sir, as he was called, was the poster boy of what PSU corporate executive should be - astute in his dealings, non-controversial decisions, well read from all worlds - VK would be able to recite lines from Munshi Premchand's novels as effortlessly as he would quote Phillip Kotler's management philosophies. Yet, VK was wondering if he had indeed taken the right decisions since he left his father's home 35 years ago. VK was the youngest of 3 brothers born in a typical 'Agrawal' family in Allahabad, the family had been living in the "holy" city for generations - at least as many generations VK had heard about! And they were even typical in their commercial engagement - his father like his grandfather and great grandfather ran a Kirana store in the city. VK's brothers, the eldest almost