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Passion of life !!

As I came out of my room around 2:30PM I saw a biiiig group of batchmates assembled – soon I found that all were planning to go a movie. It struck me hard – not because movies are banned or something, but suddenly I realized that I haven’t even thought of a movie for the more than 3 months. Why just myself, even others have stopped thinking about me going out on an outing or a movie. Even for this movie I wasn’t considered by others!! Nobody even asked me as a formality :( …. I have been working like a dog for the past 3 months – just chasing a dream – the online event that we are launching (I m sure most of readers of this blog know about it –in case you don’t here’s the link ) All I remember is that I have a deadline to meet, I get up everyday, drag myself to class, somehow spend time there (usually not in a position to comprehend what is going on – in dire need of sleep). And then I get back and start working. If I sleep early it is 3:00AM else

The chemistry of Love

Just last post I wrote about the speed with which ideas penetrate through the net and now I find myself affected by the phenomenon. Reading Shubham’s blog on love I got a rush of ideas on my own concepts of love. I have never believed in the concept of love-at-first-site. In my opinion love is an expression of emotional addiction to anything. We love our parents, our brothers, sisters, and even cars, bikes and cities and towns. We get used to anything with which we spend considerable amount of time and somehow develop affection towards it. At first site we usually get attracted towards people (or for that matter objects like bikes) mainly due to one of the many attractive features in them. But love is not just appreciating these positive features. It goes much beyond infatuation; love means accepting your loved one along with the negative and positive points in it/him/her. I know some negative points about my mother, yet I love her – beyond expression. Same goes with my affection fo

Around the world in 80 days !!!

Got up late ... missed the first class and am early for the second.... so decided to visit a few blogs... As usual my blog itinerary started with Shubham...then moved on to Ganesh... and finally to vamsi....and then i got a shot.... to post on my own blog ... why?? I got something 'boiling' in my mind... My itinerary reminded me of days when I was in class XI-XII. When I used to get bored in the house my mother used to tell me to go out, meet some friends, freshen up. Isn’t it amazing how the online world is quite a mirror image of the real world? Even today when I get bored I move around; visit my friends (ie their blogs) and the come back to my house ie my own computer terminal. Another of my typical experiences on the net is the online payment of bills. Just like in past when people used to collect their bill from the electric department, go to the bank, take out money, move back to the electric office and pay the bill; in case of online payment I first go to my mobile se

A world of waves

My first memory of Mumbai goes back to when I was in class 9th and came here with my parents. Crowded roads, jam-packed buses, pollution and finally dirty beaches – I instinctively disliked Mumbai. I remember having made a statement soon after that I would never live in Mumbai. But life took its toll. . . . . . . My next rendezvous with Mumbai was when I was in my second year of engineering and had to go to Pune from Bhilai via Mumbai. I spent around 4 hours on the Kalyan station – morning 4:00 AM to 9:00AM. And I confess I was terrified. Had never faced such a large crowd; the fact that the station buzzed like a fest at the wee hours of the morning was more than I could digest. I saw people all dressed up for office when I expected them to be in their cozy beds. I had quite a lot of luggage with me; had heard a lot about thefts and conmen of Mumbai; so had to move around all 5 platforms (for tickets etc) with my entire luggage. And then as my train approached, I was all prepared to

My nation Bhārat

Today is 15th August, Independence Day - a great day for the nation; my motherland turns 58 today...... Here is an interesting peice of news on the occasion of Independence day of India Source: R-World Mobile News New York: The tower of majectic Empire State building here has been glowing saffron, white and green since Friday to mark India's Independence Day. The tricolor will don the building throughout the Sunday night. To add here is a poem dedicated to my dear Bhārat .... THE LOUDEST CALL ----------------------- Deathless it stands undettered as a rock ! As ages pass, and turn the clock. My nation Bhārat the greatest of all. Today gives the world one of its loudest calls. The Call . . . . . . . Come 'o' White & come 'o' Black See my glory, nothing do I lack Spiritual thoughts, you get in me Picturesque beauty, come here and see Tells you my people's intelligence: "You can't continue with your negligence" Even you

Core Competency

One of the topics often discussed in Indian MBA classrooms is core competency; probably because the theory was given by CK Prahlad; the Business guru of Indian origin. But is core competency model really true? Let’s take a few successful firms. Wipro was primarily a FMCG products company till 1980, when it diversified into technology. Today Wipro is one of the 3 technology giants of India with Infosys and TCS. Its revenues are fully dependent on its Technology arm. The extent of restructuring is so high that Wipro's website has no mention of its FMCG business any more See More Another giant, ITC was incorporated in 1910 primarily as a cigarettes company. But soon it started diversifying. Its Packaging & Printing Business Division was set up in 1925. In 1975 the Company launched its Hotels business, and entered the Paperboards business in 1979. In 1990 ITC set up the International Business Division (IBD) for export of Agri-commodities. In 2000, ITC's Packaging &

The IP messenger ..............

The IP messenger is the lifeline of NITIE ... this simple to use network messaging software is the most used tool in the campus.... here is a screenshot What is amusing about IP messenger that it is not only used for messaging but has entered all spheres of life – people are known in the campus not by their original names but by their IP names; birthday notices are put up; news is broadcasted; movies and notes are exchanged; opinions are popularized; and even daily feuds are publicized on IP messenger. A multicast on IP messenger is the universal panacea for all problems – whether you are searching some lost soul in the campus or trying to figure out the course for the next days test. During exams the IP messenger is especially busy. People multicast their doubts and pat come replies clarifying (or further mystifying) doubts. A very interesting feature related to multicasts is the IP War. Anyone who wants to pass time multicasts any abstract albeit controversial topic. Soon th