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Rainy Day . . . .party in Office ...

Though we were all stranded - not by our choice - still our IRM team made it a day worth remembering... We had Dinner .. followed by ice-cream ... and then a Movie (all courtesy HR). But the arty dudes of Information Risk Management (IRM) set out with the guitar, singing all night ... There were Hindi numbers to start with - Neele Neele Ambar par, Chhookar mere man ko, Dum maro Dum, Gum hai kisi ke pyaar mein, Pyar hamien kis mod pe, Bekarar Karke hamein yu na jaiye, O sanam (Lucky Ali), .... and many more Anish De and Rahul Pinto Soon we had some great english numbers playing like - Country Roads, Piano man, You look wonderful tonight, Hotel California, Unchained Melody, Sweet Child o' mine ... and many more Lionel, Anish, Subodh Mutha, Sachin Patankar .. and me sitting And here's the scene of the movie screening which IRM was out of ... Guess I can coin a new term .. IRM - I nteresting R adiant M aelstorms .... we rocked the night for sure ...

Rain Rain Go away .....

WhatADay!!!!! It was dry enough for me to ride my bike (without a raincoat) at 8.30AM in the morning to KanjurMarg Station; it is still dry when I reach office at 9:00 AM .... the rains start at around 11:00 AM and they worsen .... by 2 PM this ↓↓ is what all roads from VT to Ambernath look like . . . . And at around 3 PM came an official mail ...... "In view of heavy rains & subsequent disruption, staff wanting to leave early may do so today. You may charge this time to ‘special leave’." People living very far and very near filtered out; but those who lived 'in the middle' suburbs could not - locals had stopped plying, roads were blocked either by water or by traffic. So here am I, at 7.36 PM with little work but still in Office. Chances are that I may not be able to get out of this place till 9 PM or even more. This reminds me of school days when we used to get a 'Rainy Day' leave. Mostly, the school bus did not come indicating a 'Rainy Day' lea

Trip to Hyderabad

Oh well!!! It was my first trip by flight - to Hyderabad. An official trip by the way but more of a picnic than work 'coz it comfortably extended into the weekend; so that I could spend time with many friends. Let me start at the beginning - the take off from Mumbai airport... And then came the best part - the aerial view of Mumbai. Mumbai looks no less than New York from the sky - wonder why no one ever used these shots in our Bollywood movies. Carter Road looks like this from above: But soon as the plane flew into the clouds, no views could be seen - it was just the clouds and the sun. Flying during monsoon has its own advantages and disadvantages. Hyderabad looks quite different from Mumbai - mainly because you can see open fields till you land. The city obviously is smaller but it is very beautiful. But, as I realized it during the return flight, the city looks really great at night. With 3 big water bodies (lakes) and necklaces of lights around them. The rest of the city itsel

Home Sweet Home

The photo below was taken from NITIE ... and the landscape of buildings that is visible across the water bodies is Hiranandani - and that is where I live now. Its been almost 3 weeks in the new house and we are slowly putting things into place. Firstly was getting the money around. With our first salaries yet to arrive - me, Sharad and Anish - found it really difficult to arrange for the 1 lakh deposit and 12300 rent. Of course, we had to ask for money from home but even then it wasn't easy. Soon we got the news that Somnath was looking was a accommodation and thus ended our search for a fourth partner. There were still many things to be put in place - we had no wardrobes, no almirahs, not even nails to hang out clothes on. So that was the first thing to get arranged; when that finished we had to get other procedures like the agreement, an affidavit and others. And by the time we finished all this, we were all tired of eating outside everyday; day after day. So started the hunt for
Indian Bloggers are sure rocking the net .... And here are two of them trying to organise, what they call, Blogeratti. Visit their blogs to know more about this .... Saba: Anubha: So fellows ... enjoy the contest ... may the best one win ....

Blogging from Office !!!!!!!

I am blogging from Office .... and I hope I don't end up like this . And for all those folks who share the same fate as me (blog from Office) - here is a useful link: How Not to Get Fired Because of Your Blog Wellssss I can't possibly use the same excuse of being busy for not posting regularly. I do have some time but the real problem is NET! I get time when at home etc but easily accessible net is what I am missing. So efforts have started - contacted the local Broadband Service provider as well as Sify . Should have net at home by next Monday. And then I would get time to post interesting things rather than this 'Dear Diary' kind of stuff. Blogging sure is fun and as this article says - "...there are only three motivations for keeping one [a blog] : information sharing, reputation building, and personal expression. And though any one of these may be the primary reason for a blog, no one maintains a blog for any length of time without eventually doing all three.&

Mast Hai Yeh Life !

Whoaaaa !!!! I am back! After a long time … and for the first time after leaving the NITIE campus. Reason for this lull period ? a. Lack of 24 hrs net L b. Work pressure that puts me to the bed right after dinner Anyway – the title of the post is picked up from an old post of mine [ ] and represents the ‘busyness’ that I have been having these days. Life is quite full with a Quality Process Review in Office, my current project’s conclusion meeting and our home shifting all landing up together. And I was on my all time high excitement when I got the news that Sunil Bhaiyaa is landing up in Mumbai with ‘Evam Indrajit’! Going to watch the show today. More is on cards with an official visit to Hyderabad on Friday which I have planned to extend over the weekend (obviously)! Already making plans to meet all Campionites, NITIEans and BITans in Hyd. For the regular visitors of this blog I plan to post so