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Home Sweet Home

The photo below was taken from NITIE ... and the landscape of buildings that is visible across the water bodies is Hiranandani - and that is where I live now.
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Its been almost 3 weeks in the new house and we are slowly putting things into place. Firstly was getting the money around. With our first salaries yet to arrive - me, Sharad and Anish - found it really difficult to arrange for the 1 lakh deposit and 12300 rent. Of course, we had to ask for money from home but even then it wasn't easy. Soon we got the news that Somnath was looking was a accommodation and thus ended our search for a fourth partner.

There were still many things to be put in place - we had no wardrobes, no almirahs, not even nails to hang out clothes on. So that was the first thing to get arranged; when that finished we had to get other procedures like the agreement, an affidavit and others. And by the time we finished all this, we were all tired of eating outside everyday; day after day. So started the hunt for a dabbwallah - we got one soon. But the morning breakfast was still a problem and so ultimately, after all debate utensils came home. We now have milk coming in every morning and a regular supply of Corn-flakes is also being maintained. Though that's a story till now but we soon are getting bored of the dabbawallah as well, and we have started to realize that a maid for washing clothes will be less expensive than using services of the NITIE dhobi which is the last link we still retain with NITIE.

Here are some tales that we laughed away during the past few days:

The first day after the maid had done cleaning up at home; at night we all were sitting at a restaurant for dinner.
I asked Sharad (who was at home when the maid came): MamOO! Bai kaisi lagi?
Our group broke into pangs of laughter; it took some time to realize what I had just said....

The second day of getting Milk at home. Anish and Somu get up. Anish asks Somu to boil the milk. Somu finds the tumbler of milk dirty so starts washing it. After some time we see Somu coming out of the kitchen without boiling the milk and hands on his waist.
Anish: Kya Hua?
Somu: Yaar, kamar dukh rahi hai - ek bai lagwa hi lo.
Anish: Arey kuchh der baith ja, kamar theek ho jayegi - ise theek karne ke liye bai ki jaroorat nahi hai.
If you didn't get it, read it again carefully - it was a PJ!!

And I did another stupidity in the morning. Was still in my sleep when I went to the kitchen and found that the sugar tumbler was empty; picked up a plastic packet lying beside and poured 'sugar' into the container. Later took my bath and ran off to the station to catch my 8:50 local. On reaching the station I got call from Sharad - 'Baba! Ye shakkar de dabbe mein chawal kyon daal diye?'

Well that's about it - tomorrow's holiday is filled up with more work - Water, Net and more. The bike too is asking for a servicing since past 2 weeks. So its gonna be a busy Saturday again ....

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2 Comments to " Home Sweet Home "

  1. good stuff man.. just proves that, with a few young blocks around, there is never a dull moment, even if the going is tough..

    BTW.. ur flat represents the real cross section of india's young proffessionals.. an IRM comsultant, a BPO blackbelt, an operations consultant, and a finance wiz.. and whats more, ur flat will prebably have the highest CTC of all (26 l.p.a. by my calculations)..

    way to go dudes.. i will try to drop in sometime at ur place.. just to add to the chaos (no pun intended :) ) if not anything else..

  2. Posting this comment on behalf of Anish(who cannot access net):
    " :))) tooo gud yaar. vintage Shubham as usual coming up with ideas no one else can think of. too bad i cant go to ur blog. Send me a couple of ur latest blogs thru mail pls."
    PS: I did send him some stuff - Nikhil

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