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Mast hai yeh life!
The missing Link (Part II)!

Came Diwali and I rushed off to Pune .. . Mom had been in Pune for 2 days and Abhishek and Baba (that’s what I call my Dad) joined us a day after I went. Pune was again enjoyable, a break from my campus life... I spent time reading books (completed ‘Da Vinci Code’) and sleeping ;). And in the evenings it was mostly time to visit relatives – we have so many in Pune that it takes all your time. Just a few days were left when Abhishek told me that his holidays were till 22nd and he had almost a week to spend at home in Bhopal after he returned from Pune. I suggested why not he comes along with me to Mumbai rather than spending time alone at Home. Fortunately mom-dad also concurred and I went to hunt for proper reservations which we got. That was it!! The stage set for fun and masti !! Abhi and I came back to NITIE on 15th night. I had contemplated that I would be busy with classes so Abhi might get bored. . . but it seems God had arranged for Abhi serendipitous visit . . . my classes kep

The missing link!

In my “Life mein twist hai!” series I described about my last weekend and before that about my home trip during Dussera. Then while I was going thru my blog I thot that I’ve missed the period in between and it isn’t that this hasn’t been exiting. Well the day I came back from home I implemented a log-given-promise to Milind. To remove my moustaches .. . I should say I looked good, and may be a few years younger too. But, when I told mom about this she told me to get back 2 my old looks (without seeing me) . . . and more so since many companies were expected in campus I also decided to re-grow my moustache. However during those 7 days I was feeling quite like a celebrity . . almost everyone asking me why I did it? And no-one seemed to believe that I did it just because I wanted to .. . these folks need to watch Forrest Gump! That weekend we (me, Shubham, Milind and Ashita) went to Shirdi. Ashita’s friend Vatika also joined us. The trip was fun and it felt great when Vatika st