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The missing link!

In my “Life mein twist hai!” series I described about my last weekend and before that about my home trip during Dussera. Then while I was going thru my blog I thot that I’ve missed the period in between and it isn’t that this hasn’t been exiting.
Well the day I came back from home I implemented a log-given-promise to Milind. To remove my moustaches .. . I should say I looked good, and may be a few years younger too. But, when I told mom about this she told me to get back 2 my old looks (without seeing me) . . . and more so since many companies were expected in campus I also decided to re-grow my moustache. However during those 7 days I was feeling quite like a celebrity . . almost everyone asking me why I did it? And no-one seemed to believe that I did it just because I wanted to .. . these folks need to watch Forrest Gump!

That weekend we (me, Shubham, Milind and Ashita) went to Shirdi. Ashita’s friend Vatika also joined us. The trip was fun and it felt great when Vatika started asking about MastishK. I felt my efforts rewarded :).. . but more so while talking to her I came to know a lot about her institute ‘Wellinkar’, how and what they studied etc. etc. I was impressed by the specialised e-commerce course that is running there, ‘coz Vatika talked about telecom/IT industry so profoundly as if she was an electronics/communication engineer which she was not (she is an architect by her graduation).
I believe such courses will have a lot of demand in India and abroad rather than general courses like M.Tech. This is because the industry is moving fast towards specialisation and every technology needs to be harnessed in its proper potential – optimisation is the need of the day. In such a scenario business acumen is as important as technical skills.

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