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Identity vs. Belief

I was watching the movie Terminator Salvation on HBO today, when I realized that the movie's plot has so many parallels in today's context. The movie's plot revolves around (apart from John Connor), a cyborg Marcus Wright, who himself believes that he is human. He is sent by SkyNet (the evil brain of machines) to pull John Connor (the protagonist and purported savior of human race) into a trap. However, in the movie's climax, Marcus even after realizing his true identity of being a machine, sides with the humans assisting Connor in saving hostages in SkyNet's custody and also finally helping Connor destroy SkyNet. The plot of course, written to please the masses, takes an optimistic's view of which squad Marcus sides with upon being made aware of his identity as a machine. The plot assumes that Marcus sides, not with his identity but his beliefs - his belief in shared human values, in the "goodness" of human race and "evil" in machines

SPAM - but interesting!

Image   by  Sean MacEntee I received the below spam mail in my inbox yesterday - mostly something which I would delete / (mark as) spam without opening; but by chance I opened this mail. And was I surprised! No, its not a legitimate mail - its spam, but it has been very carefully crafted suiting the present day context. And the logic presented is uncontestable: From: Sent: 01 September 2013 20:55 Subject: More to Come? Do you want to become rich due to armed conflicts? It`s the very time to do it. As soon as the military attack Syria, oil prices will rise as well as MONARCHY RESOURCES (M O_N K) share price! Go make profits on Sep 2, grab M O_N K shares!!! Of course I am not interested in MONARCHY RESOURCES (heck! I don't even know what it is) - but no one can argue the logic that any more warmongering by US (or its protege NATO) will only end up increasing the cost of oil and drive up the prices of everything. In fact, if one argues that had the US not