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SPAM - but interesting!

Image  by Sean MacEntee
I received the below spam mail in my inbox yesterday - mostly something which I would delete / (mark as) spam without opening; but by chance I opened this mail. And was I surprised! No, its not a legitimate mail - its spam, but it has been very carefully crafted suiting the present day context. And the logic presented is uncontestable:
From: opt@mail.iks.ru
Sent: 01 September 2013 20:55
Subject: More to Come?
Do you want to become rich due to armed conflicts? It`s the verytime to do it. As soon as the military attack Syria, oil prices willrise as well as MONARCHY RESOURCES (M O_N K) share price! Go makeprofits on Sep 2, grab M O_N K shares!!!
Of course I am not interested in MONARCHY RESOURCES (heck! I don't even know what it is) - but no one can argue the logic that any more warmongering by US (or its protege NATO) will only end up increasing the cost of oil and drive up the prices of everything. In fact, if one argues that had the US not attacked Iraq (and may be even Afghanistan), we probably would never have faced the 2008-present day crisis.

Whatever! Mental hypothesizing aside - reading such stuff in spam is a unique experiment.

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