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North Korea Vs. India

Some journo went to North Korea, and took some neat looking photographs ... But the comments alongside this photos were quite derogatory - he was probably trying to drive home the problems of being a communist country. However, as most Indians would realise - each of these comments could as well apply to India. Some examples (all italicised text is mine) North Koreans are always amazed when they see a white man. Oil is almost inexistant, so most of the labor is manual. Water seems not to be avaliable everywhere when you leave the capital. A woman is washing her clothes in the river. Koreans are not shy when it comes to basic needs, the guide forbid to take pictures of men taking a piss on the middle of the road, but there was no problem when it happened in the capital next to to a monument. During the day the elevator didn't work for 15 mins View from the monument, besides the pretty view you can also see the dead bir