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Blogging from Office !!!!!!!

I am blogging from Office .... and I hope I don't end up like this. And for all those folks who share the same fate as me (blog from Office) - here is a useful link:

How Not to Get Fired Because of Your Blog

Wellssss I can't possibly use the same excuse of being busy for not posting regularly. I do have some time but the real problem is NET! I get time when at home etc but easily accessible net is what I am missing. So efforts have started - contacted the local Broadband Service provider as well as Sify. Should have net at home by next Monday. And then I would get time to post interesting things rather than this 'Dear Diary' kind of stuff.
Blogging sure is fun and as this article says - "...there are only three motivations for keeping one[a blog]: information sharing, reputation building, and personal expression. And though any one of these may be the primary reason for a blog, no one maintains a blog for any length of time without eventually doing all three."

Update[2:40 PM]: How a blog helped solve medical problems?
Catch GWBE - the doctor who happens to be an Engineer!! - a must read

Old wine new bottle or New wine old bottle ??

Yesterday I closely noticed a Santro Xing. And found the location of the number plate pretty peculiar. It was between the back bumper and the rear windshield. That's where it used to be in the Fiat(Premier Padmini) and Maruti 800 days. The location of the number plate was shifted to - on or below the bumper - by the new companies like Hyundai, Ford and GM from its 'original' position. By 1998-99 Maruti also gave up its 'tradition'; initially in Zen and later in the new Maruti 800Dx (1999).
And now we have come a full circle when Hyundai has reversed the change in its most stylish product the Santro-Xing. Thats New wine (Xing also sports a new engine) in an Old Bottle!!

PS: Lots of posts are due - My Hyderabad trip, the aerial view of Mumbai, Home sweet Home - the titles are all ready .... just wish I get time this weekend to complete the backlog.

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