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Mast Hai Yeh Life !

Whoaaaa !!!! I am back! After a long time … and for the first time after leaving the NITIE campus. Reason for this lull period ?
a. Lack of 24 hrs net L
b. Work pressure that puts me to the bed right after dinner
Anyway – the title of the post is picked up from an old post of mine [http://the-complete-man.blogspot.com/2004/12/mast-hai-yeh-lifethe-missing-link-part.html] and represents the ‘busyness’ that I have been having these days. Life is quite full with a Quality Process Review in Office, my current project’s conclusion meeting and our home shifting all landing up together. And I was on my all time high excitement when I got the news that Sunil Bhaiyaa is landing up in Mumbai with ‘Evam Indrajit’! Going to watch the show today.

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More is on cards with an official visit to Hyderabad on Friday which I have planned to extend over the weekend (obviously)! Already making plans to meet all Campionites, NITIEans and BITans in Hyd. For the regular visitors of this blog I plan to post some of my non-published articles to fill up the lull that may otherwise continue for the next week also!

PS: I can forecast a busy work-week ahead and even ‘home’ is a matter of concern – we are still struggling to get our morning breakfast and evening dinner in place. Life on the ‘home front’ is quite interesting; will write on it when time permits.

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  1. hmm...
    good to see some post...
    eager to see the "interesting" post on the nome front!!! :)


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    It would be great if u could share this information with the readers of your blog and your friends too! :)

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