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Rain Rain Go away .....

WhatADay!!!!! It was dry enough for me to ride my bike (without a raincoat) at 8.30AM in the morning to KanjurMarg Station; it is still dry when I reach office at 9:00 AM .... the rains start at around 11:00 AM and they worsen .... by 2 PM this ↓↓ is what all roads from VT to Ambernath look like . . . .

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And at around 3 PM came an official mail ...... "In view of heavy rains & subsequent disruption, staff wanting to leave early may do so today. You may charge this time to ‘special leave’."

People living very far and very near filtered out; but those who lived 'in the middle' suburbs could not - locals had stopped plying, roads were blocked either by water or by traffic. So here am I, at 7.36 PM with little work but still in Office. Chances are that I may not be able to get out of this place till 9 PM or even more.

This reminds me of school days when we used to get a 'Rainy Day' leave. Mostly, the school bus did not come indicating a 'Rainy Day' leave; but some days were weirder - the bus used to take us to the school gate which used to be closed and so the bus would turn around to take us back to home. Apparently, this was because buses plying in other areas of the city couldn't ply. I remember 2 old 2 line poems -- one in English, another in Marathi:

Rain Rain Go away, come again another day
Little Johny wants to play

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Aur pesh hai is yaadon ki lehar mein behte hue .. mere School ki kuchh photu ...
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PS: I used this spare time to read up the 'B-school Blues section' on Shubham's Blog and making a PPT that I was otherwise supposed to make tommorow.

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