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Rainy Day . . . .party in Office ...

Though we were all stranded - not by our choice - still our IRM team made it a day worth remembering... We had Dinner .. followed by ice-cream ... and then a Movie (all courtesy HR). But the arty dudes of Information Risk Management (IRM) set out with the guitar, singing all night ...

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There were Hindi numbers to start with - Neele Neele Ambar par, Chhookar mere man ko, Dum maro Dum, Gum hai kisi ke pyaar mein, Pyar hamien kis mod pe, Bekarar Karke hamein yu na jaiye, O sanam (Lucky Ali), .... and many more

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Anish De and Rahul Pinto

Soon we had some great english numbers playing like - Country Roads, Piano man, You look wonderful tonight, Hotel California, Unchained Melody, Sweet Child o' mine ... and many more

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Lionel, Anish, Subodh Mutha, Sachin Patankar .. and me sitting

And here's the scene of the movie screening which IRM was out of ...
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Guess I can coin a new term .. IRM - Interesting Radiant Maelstorms .... we rocked the night for sure ...

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  1. hey nikhil...visited this page after a long time....gr8 memories man! Cheers!

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