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Around the world in 80 days !!!

Got up late ... missed the first class and am early for the second.... so decided to visit a few blogs...
As usual my blog itinerary started with Shubham...then moved on to Ganesh... and finally to vamsi....and then i got a shot.... to post on my own blog ... why?? I got something 'boiling' in my mind...
My itinerary reminded me of days when I was in class XI-XII. When I used to get bored in the house my mother used to tell me to go out, meet some friends, freshen up. Isn’t it amazing how the online world is quite a mirror image of the real world? Even today when I get bored I move around; visit my friends (ie their blogs) and the come back to my house ie my own computer terminal.
Another of my typical experiences on the net is the online payment of bills. Just like in past when people used to collect their bill from the electric department, go to the bank, take out money, move back to the electric office and pay the bill; in case of online payment I first go to my mobile service provider’s site, navigate to my bank’s payment gateway, and finally after paying the amount return to my vendors site.
This experience also reminds me of the concept of Electronic cottage in Alvin Toffler’s “Third wave” – A situation where people will work from their homes which will be electronically connoted. But the online world is infinitely faster than the physical world. Blogs themselves are a manifestation of this speed. Shubham’s blog on nostalgia kicked Ganesh to post a blog on the same (aka his crushes) which triggered vamsi to do the same; all this in a span of 6-10 hrs. I remember the ragging case in XLRI was also opened up by a blog post. Similarly, so many scandals in the US have been recently discovered by digging blog posts.
Another example of the speed of internet is Google. It is not only the fastest noun to become a verb in English, it has even found inroads into other languages. That day I heard the term … googliao as Hindi verb form of Googling. I am sure there must be similar such terms in other languages too. This tickles me somewhere, is it just a coincidence that blogspot.com is owned by Google? Just think where all this is leading us to … the future.. The knowledge society … the virtual generation …
The story “around the world in 80 days” was a manifestation of the speed of those times. Today I might make 80 trips around the world in 80 seconds as I sift through different pages on the internet …. The world is changing fast … we better keep pace .. and I must now pace up to the class or I might b loosing my next attendance also

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