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Where the individual feels Independent!

Where News is not fake 
And opinion is not biased;

Where no temple, mosque, Gurdwara or Church,
feels the need to use loudspeakers, 
to practice their faith; 

Where no one retiring from constitutional position,
feels the need to voice concerns for,
safety of people following a particular religion;

Where no government asks you,
who your ancestors were,
and no one feels victimized,
because of his or her religion, race, creed or caste;

Where the government exudes responsibility,
for actions it takes, for data it collects,
for policies it pursues 
and statements its officials give;

Where policy is proactive, and;
infants do not need to die, 
to jolt government machinery into action; 

Where no one supports a leader,
who refuses to sing the 'National Song',
because his religion doesn't permit it;

Where political discourse is not limited,
By narrow party ideologies;
Where leaders do not get votes,
because of their caste;

Where no one supports a terrorist,
and a soldiers death is not conditional to,
whether the party you supported is in power or not;

Where the constitution is upheld,
over and above any other text; 
Where the nation's interest is,
the first and foremost concern of every citizen.

Into that heaven of independence, 
My Father, let my country awake!

The above poem is based on the lines of "Chitto Jetha Bhayshunyo" aka "Where the mind is without Fear" by Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore. The text however is completely based on events of the past few days which leads us to question the meaning of independence.

The intent is to highlight the truth of our times, 70 years after independence, and should not be construed to be an the attempt to plagiarize or make a parody of the original piece. Gurudev is a revered figure in literature, philosophy and national pride.

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