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It’s been an obscenely long time since I have written to this blog… was in home for the last month and then when I came back I got busy with the new batch and its induction process… well anyway, now that I am back I would like to blog about all my experiences in the last few days… home was fun this time and so has been the induction process … This blog ends here …. The next ones will start at the start of my ‘holidays’............. Let me end with a nice poem which I wrote a long time back (year 2000) but is apt for this situtaion...


Days passed by
The days of struggle
tiring yet sweet they were
The days of tension
difficult yet meaningful they were
Every day unique in itself
gave me new experiences
Opportunities; to understand myself
The days contributed
in building me up
Each day told me my shortcomings
Difficult future life could have been
Without the days
The days which passed by

Happiness, ease, satisfaction
Pain, grief, sorrow
All are important to me
for today and tomorrow
Remembrances of those days
Make me sad, but time says
The days will not come back

Neither do I want them back
use those days to pick up strength
Plan for tomorrow & start afresh
Continue my journey for time to come
But of course, not to forget
The days that passed by
The days that passed by ………

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