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From the past towards the future. . .

Ahmedabad was the last leg of my itinerary. After Akshardhaam, the next stop was Gandhi Ashram - at Sabarmati. But more on this in my next post which I have decided to completely dedicate to Gandhiji.
 I am writing this post as a link from the past to the present. While Gandhi was a past. . . my further posts might talk about my present preoccupation - both material and philosophical. The reason why my posts have been few and far in the past few days has been my extreme involvement in an activity which paves way into the future. . . It is a dream that i have nurtured since the past 6 months . . . I have strived alone(initially) and with support (now) and am still working . . . the battle is fierce. . we are racing against time . . and technology is our strong-post . . hope our efforts succeed . . will write more about this "Dream" in the coming posts . . but to bite time here's a poem on "Dreams"
(PS: If there are people who regularly visit my blog - I dunno who they are - you will note a few changes in the look-and-feel. Especially the pictures that keep changing dynamically on every refresh!)

Life &  a Dream
Life's not as easy as it looks
Not like its written in story books

The vagaries of nature
the distractions of the mind
the pains of the body
and situations unkind

And still man dreams
of achieving the unseen
He runs, he walks
he thinks, he talks,
and keeps on chasing
a dream that is his . .
Achieving which
is the eternal bliss
No reward & no bliss
is better than,
A Dream come True. . .
A Dream come true . . .
I today wait with my crew . .
for the dream to come true . . .
A Dream come true. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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  1. Dare to Dream .... and then Dare to Dare the dream ....
    thats life ... or else its a big nothing ...

    Pursueing the dream is the most daring of all human endevours ...

    All the Best of All the Luck ...!

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