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My nation Bhārat

Today is 15th August, Independence Day - a great day for the nation; my motherland turns 58 today...... Here is an interesting peice of news on the occasion of Independence day of India
Source: R-World Mobile News
New York: The tower of majectic Empire State building here has been glowing saffron, white and green since Friday to mark India's Independence Day. The tricolor will don the building throughout the Sunday night.
To add here is a poem dedicated to my dear Bhārat ....

Deathless it stands
undettered as a rock !
As ages pass,
and turn the clock.
My nation Bhārat
the greatest of all.
Today gives the world
one of its loudest calls.

The Call . . . . . . .
Come 'o' White & come 'o' Black
See my glory, nothing do I lack
Spiritual thoughts, you get in me
Picturesque beauty, come here and see
Tells you my people's intelligence:
"You can't continue
with your negligence"

Even your ancenstors,
came from here
I hav spread knowledge,
far and near
Today I reclaim my respect,
'cuase I've imparted wisdom
to each and every sect.
I've never asked,
for supremacy over the world
Never will I ever ask for it
I wan't to live
with you in harmony
What I just demand . . .
is respect . . .
What is just demand is respect . . .

*The above poem was penned by me in the year 2000.
Above is a verbatim reproduction of the manuscript.

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  1. Hi ..
    Happy Independence Day...
    Boy , ur poems inspire me to right something .. But am not that talented...
    How is life???

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