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Couer Palpitez - literaly !!

Last post I wrote on passion of life, I wrote that we work mostly because we enjoy our work rather than because the work is important. Since then everyday I have been visiting the NITIE Pond in the evening and have witnessed and appreciated a special passion – the passion for an evening jog!
Even I was once a regular jogger round the pond – but that was before Mastishk. Ever since I came back from my summer break, no runs no play - just working for Mastishk . . . . but that’s another story. I was writing about the passion for a jog. Everyday, since probably the past 6-8 months Amit Atri comes to the pond around 6.00PM and starts his jog. If he doesn’t get time at 6.00, you’ll find him at 7.00 or probably the next morning. But there are few days when Amit would miss his routine. Over the months I have seen him increase the number of continuous rounds from 1 to 4.
Notably I haven’t seen Amit growing any thinner due to his regular workout. Even if he has grown thinner, nothing is visible. BUT the above fact has not dampened his spirit. He is there, everyday – whether others join him or not – he always does his rounds, least bothered by who is standing, who is jogging and who is watching him. I somehow guess that Amit has come to enjoy his evening jog – it has become a passion with him.
I can’t help but get impressed by him – many (including me) have started workouts around the pond but none except him has been regular. Endurance, will power, character . . . .there are many qualities that can be attributed to him.
But the best I can relate to him is Coeur Palpitez. If you remember my post on IP messenger, you might remember that Coeur Palpitez is the IP name of Amit Atri. It means Heartthrob but translated word-by-word it would mean ‘pulsating heart’ – well that’s a reference to a healthy heart in a healthy body.
Quite Apt, isn’t it ??

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey Nikhil Dood, I am flattered ;-)!!!! But really, I feel I have lost atleast some mass, so the effort is not in vain. Wondering why it is not visible..:(

  2. Right said mate.. Without passion for the thing u do its impossible to continue it.. Even i tried jogging for some time. But gave up ...

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