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The Poem of the lost . . . .

I wrote this poem a few minutes ago in a bad state of mind . . . didn't want to post it .. but nevertheless found a theme that would suit it .... so am posting . . . here is the theme
Imagine a scene of a Roman Amphitheatre where a duel is on, between two warriors .. All are enjoying the duel . . everyone is watching the warriors but none can feel that turmoil inside each warrior . . none understand that each warrior is as afriad inside as much as he dares his opponent. Life is sometimes similar. . we watch the characters play the duel of life but never understand that the warriors, the very people who are our freinds, brothers, sisters ... they need us to understand their within .. they need support .. and as much as their warrior self refuses support... they need it as badly

Here is the poem. . . if it smells of me ... ignore the smell ... its me and yet its not me ..

Sometimes when I am alone . .
talking to people yet alone
on the inner side . .
I get this tought -
that man is but a lone warrior

We act in teams
and we might share dreams
but each one of us
has his own interpretation
of the dream that we chase

But the man who works hardest
is at times crucified
on the altar of the world
which doesn't share the dream

The man must then struggle
all alone . . .
He also feels that he should live
like a normal human being . .
He also feels he should spend
time on the simplicities of life
like book reading and site seeing

But Alas !!!
that luxury is not to be his
he is born to be the change monger
He himself made a choice
Didn't he ??
He was the one
who fought for it
And so he must fight
. . . . . . . . . . . alone

Who cares if it takes his all
who will suffer if he dies or cries
and why will the world care
Who had asked him to dare
HE .. it was he who asked for it

So he must struggle alone
Man is but a lone warrior
He must fight his own battle
Whether he's dying or he's crying

What do smiles on the face mean ??
Are they so effective to rub the face clean
Isn't there a lonely face
behind the smiles and the lovely grace
But who cares ?? who cares ??

Leave me alone . . . . .
I will take it . . . .
I dont need anyone
what is this ??
do I really dont need anyone ??
I do . . . but I lack the courage
to ask for support . . . and love

He who struggles all the vagaries
He who is the 'I' within himself
The HE will fight
But the 'I' will loose
The man will loose the 'I' to 'HIM'

What is this?
A schizoprenic disease?
Yes it is !!
And each one of us is grabbed by it

The 'I' is afraid . .
but the 'HE' dares

Don't watch at faces
LOOK at them
There is always an 'I'
behind the HE
The 'He' is what you see
Sometimes try to look
for the 'I' behind it

And the day when
you notice the 'I'
Please dont ignore it
the 'I' needs you
even if the 'HE' refuses
The 'I' needs you

Do care for the 'I'
in everyone
Otherwise the 'HE'
will break someday

And when the 'He' will cry
is the day when
the 'HE' will die
The 'I' . . . the ever afraid 'I'
shall remain
But the 'HE' will die forever

If you want to see the 'HE'
Please care for the 'I'
the 'I' in everyone
needs care . . do not let it die
do not let die . . . . . .

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