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The safari called NITIE

After finishing my last exam, as I was walking down from my classroom to the hostel, I had a realisation of the green cover that I have been living under for the past 1 year. (btw should elaborate for benefit non-NITIE junta that 'down' is not figurative but literal – NITIE is situated on a hill and we literally walk down from our classrooms to the hostel)

NITIE is a totally different world as compared to the surrounding Mumbai.

When at times I get to the terrace of the academic building or the MDP hostel the scene is nothing less than heaven!!

Green lush environs and surrounded by 2 lakes on two sides.
The calm and serene Vihar Lake and the spawning vegetation all around! Among the hills we know lies the film city, but forest cover hides it. Far away you see some buildings.

But this is just one side; move to the other side of the terrace and you see hills covered by thick vegetation, and the Vihar Lake beyond the hills.

And a third side has the Powai Lake; with IIT and Hirananadani Complex on its either side.

Somewhere on a fourth side you see “The Renaissance” also.

But inside the campus you hardly realise that there is a city out there, the busiest city of the country.

The safari effect is further enhanced by the regular visits of Leopards from the Sanjay Gandhi National Park (Borivili).

Well,believe thats quite a lot... gotta sleep .... c ya ....

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  1. Hello Nikhil,
    The photos make me nostalgic about my one year stay at NITIE. Definitely, the greenest campus in India.

    Happy blogging!

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