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MastishK Credits . . . the minds behind MastishK

MastishK has finally come to an end. The journey that started way back in February, through the months to October has finally reached a conclusion. This post is a thanks giving note from my side. Fully online games – the dream concept that I proposed to begin with has come out to be great success and has been appreciated across the nation today – thanks to all of you who helped me out make it a success.
My first thanks goes to the Prerana Management Group for supporting the concept even at a time when it didn’t seem feasible. The support thereafter has been a big booster for us, and helped us concentrated on the quality of the event than other issues. Irrespective of the contentions that aroused time and again PMG stood by us during the tribulations. I once again thank them for the support.
Next my gratitude goes to all my friends and team mates who made MastishK possible. To mention the names – ShoOOonya, Shubham, Kartik, Milind, Payal, Ashita, Sourjyendu and VAK worked as much or probably more than me. We were also later joined by Alex, Neelesh and Sharad. It was never possible for me to make it happen alone. It is these people who have lived MastishK with me for the past 3 months or more. And some are even more passionate about it than me. Well, MastishK 2004 belongs to all of them as much as me.
Talking specifically . . . . .
Ashita and Milind
created and administered Entreplayer, one of the most complicated games in MastishK. Apart from that Milind also helped out in write-ups at times.
Payal and Medda (Sourjyendu) created and administered the Media Moguls game. This was deemed the toughest game by the participants. I should especially commend them for the organised and structured manner in which they worked – they were the most prudent team among all. Payal also handled the complete publicity responsibility and coordinated with Impress.
Kartik has a special place in this event. He was the first person to pledge himself to this event. In fact had there been no MastishK, we would at least have floated Kartik’s game in an online/web-based mode. But after I became busy with the complete event, he managed ‘Law’gistics’ all alone without any help from any IM10er.
Shubham was the creator of Arbit Choudhury and the coordinator for Informalzz section. He also helped manage the doubts/query mails during the event. And of course being my “middle-door” neighbour, he has been a very efficient punching bag for all ideas that MastishK has been a cradle to.
VAK was the one we chose to create and coordinate the quiz. But he delivered much beyond my expectations. Right from creating a theme for Cerebral knights (name conception included), to preparing a separate console for it and of course mastering the Quizzez, Vak has been a committed member of Team MastishK.
Alex and Neelesh helped us in creative designing. Without them the site wouldn’t have got as much applause as it has got. Lots of credit for the look-and-feel of the website goes to them.
Sharad joined us only after he saw his area of interest Googling as a part of our game portfolio. Nevertheless he has been instrumental in shaping and running Khoj since then.
ShoOOonya was as much into this event as me, being the co-coordinator along with me, he has put his heart and soul(literally) into it. I don’t think any number of words is sufficient to elaborate on his contribution to Mastishk, so I would abstain from using any.

The next thanks go to the team from IM11. If I have a quality event today in my hands, the credit goes fully to the IM11 team. We in IM10 could never have managed this quality alone. 20 members from IM11 have worked day and night and made it possible for the world to appreciate the mettle of NITIE. I will detail in the next post about the work done by IM11 teams.
Special thanks are also due to Vivek Gaurav a.k.a. Patiala our culsecy whose contacts were the initial source of publicity for us. And of course I must thank IMpress for the publicity in websites. A special Thanks to Atul Bhasin for providing us the Scanner, without which Arbit Choudhury could never have been. Special thanks are also due to Jatin Grover for the coding consultancy he provided time and again to our teams.
Credits are due all those who helped us in any way in popularisation of MastishK, from Yahoo Messenger to email forwards and even phone calls.
Finally my thanks go to all of you who have visited this blog. It is supporters and helpers like you who have kept me going.
Emotions apart, MastishK has been a great experience of my life. I have learnt a lot from it and it has given me a lot.

For those interested in reading more on MastishK, read the next posts and visit the MastishK Blog

IM11 Credits

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