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On Dussera ...at home???

Ah!! What speed.. its hardly 12 hours since my last post and 12 visits have happened … god!! This is contagious …..
Anyway… here goes my post .. read on
Soon after Prerana the next weekend was Dussera and I found an excuse to go home . . Home? He he … it was less of home and more of roam…
I reached Bhopal on the 11th and proceeded to Indore the very same evening, reaching Indore by night. The next day we went over to Mandu – the old capital of many rulers of central India during the medieval times. Had lots of historical site-seeing … an old abandoned mosque, Rani Roopmati’s palace, one fort and Jahaz Mahal – a palace made like a giant ship with two ponds on its two sides, completing the ship-like effect. The trip was fun .. lots of driving and good time spent with mom-dad and Abhi after a looong time.
The next day we proceeded to Onkareshwar – a Mahadev temple on the Banks of Narmada. Onkareshwar is specially known because it is a point where both the Satpura and Vindhyachal ranges (mountain ranges which identify central India) are facing each other with just a 10 meter Narmada separating them. One has to cross over by boat or bridge from one hill to another ‘coz the temple is on one side and the road access on the other.
Enjoyed this trip as well … got back to Indore and left for Bhopal the same day. A great thing was that I was visiting Indore after a gap of 6 years and met Pendse kaka and Rekha Kaku after a long time (the Pendse’s are family friends of ours – have two daughters – elder, Rhuta ‘tai’ is now married and is in Australia and younger Runa is in Mumbai)
Reaching Bhopal, it was time to leave .. left the next day for Mumbai .. back to the hustle-bustle of the campus. More in the next post ….

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