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Hey Dudes!! I have found you a respite from the dreary reading of my blog .. guess what?? A whole constellation of blogs!! Its been compiled by Anita Bora, previously Asst. editor at Rediff, now a blog enthusiast . . . Mussay Indians have become global citizen really . . . and they are sure dominant on the net !!
The List: A compilation of Indian blogs. Growing every day.
The Ring: A web-ring of Indian bloggers. Feel free to join. Of course, Anita decides whether to let you in ;)
Anita's Site: Let me spin the world wide web around you . . .

I haven't yet decided myself whether to join the ring!! But for the rest of this post, here is some Q&A inspired by Anita's FAQ on blogging . . .

Why do you blog?
I discovered blogging when I visited Manish Saluja's blog (Manish is a close friend of Shubham -my NITIE pal) I then found many blogs of my friends and other known personalities. That's where I started in April 2004 and I just loved the concept. I was never very inclined towards chatting or other seemingly trivial Net pursuits, but this made much more sense to me. As I started discovering the world of blogging and began communicating, emailing, commenting, I suddenly found a whole big world out there, that I actually felt like I belonged to. I have opened many more doors than I did before.

Is that all?
No there's more ....
1. I enjoy penning down my thoughts, feelings, opinions, musings et al. It’s an old habit. I have loads of paper with my self written texts. I at times post some of my old but relevant write-ups on my blog too . . .
2. I like being part of a global community of people who share thoughts, ideas and links
3. I love the idea of doing something, which I have solely created
4. I love the fact that I have a platform where I can air my voice (so what if no one’s listening!!). Suddenly, I have a space to do it!

So will you be spilling out your innermost secrets?
I don't actually have any secrets. Am yet to start my professional life, so no corporate secrets either. My only concern is lives of people who might be mentioned in my blogs.
I am quite expressive and naive, so I might let out a secret now an then!(like 'XYZ was drunk today!') But I usually read my post before posting it and hence delete anything that might hurt others or might reveal someone else's personal life. I guess that's the great thing about your own blog - you're the editor, creator, thinker and the person who is finally responsible for what is finally there online for the world to see.

Do you expect people to read your blog? (now this is my own Q - not inspired by Anita)
Yes and No.
No, because writing is an old habit. I used to write even when I had to stack my texts in my own file, concealed from the world and so do now. I doesn't matter if anyone's reading or not - I will continue to write.
Yes because it feels great to know that people read your text (now) and like what you wrtite and feel. You feel like belonging to this world. And so I do keep a check at who's visiting my blog (sulk! :( only get to know the IP addresses) and check my hit counter as well. It feels great to find that there are people who enjoy your writing. (Sulk again! :( hardly anyone comments)

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