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Confusion about life . . .

This is a strange thing about life that I have been discovering since long . . . when you r young, your goals, what you want to be, what you will do etc seems very straight very clear. But as you grow up, the path becomes more and more misty. Today as I stand just 3 days from the last examination of my student life all set to launch myself into the world, I am thoroughly worried about how I will achieve the goals that I had set for myself when I was a child.
Not that this feeling has dawned suddenly – it has come very very slowly, the mist spread gradually through my engineering days till here, and by now I can’t see even 2 months down the line about where the road to life is leading. I slept off thinking about all this and more and thought about why this happens when asleep.
When you are young, you are made to learn logic. We learn all daily routine by logic – if X happens then do Y, or if A happens then B will follow. Something like if you got up from sleep, then go brush your teeth. A child learns by himself also in a similar manner – if mom isn’t talking to me she must be angry or if I go out with Dad to the market, I will get a chocolate :). So you start thinking about life too in a similar manner, just the other way round. Why does dad work in BHEL, because he is a mechanical engineer (yes dudes I knew all braches of engg. by the 10th year of life). Why does my Mama do a business of his own, because he is an Electronics Engineer. Slowly it is these learnings that get hardened into axioms and let you decide your course of life. And then life is as simple as a jigsaw puzzle – if I want to become a pilot, I must study hard; If I want to become a cricketer, I must practise well; if I want to become like Sunil Bhaiyya, I must read general books too apart from textbooks.
Now, c’mmon I don’t mean to say that our whole life is a series of if-then-else statements but such relationships formed very early in life are the building blocks of the most complex decisions that we take later. And achieving goals of life is like satisfying conditions X, Y, Z . . . . thus ensuring that you achieve your goal. It is like building a jigsaw puzzle, where the conditions X,Y,Z . . .are the pieces.
This is where life later becomes misty, because though you know about the final picture of the jigsaw puzzle, the pieces are seemingly inadequate. Suddenly after you complete your education, you find that there’s more to your puzzle than just academic pieces or personal pieces. You need the right people, the right money and even the right kind of experience before your picture completes. More so you find so many pieces that look alike that you don’t know which one will fit in the space that you are yet to patch up. And iot is this confusion that makes your path misty.
Well that completes the problem formulation (as we cal in mathematical-physics) – the next job of mine will be to figure out a proper solution to this problem. All readers please pray that I find a solution soon . . .

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